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I Am Not Above Shameless Self-Promotion

June 22, 2011

Published: April 9, 2009 Follow me on Twitter (@AndrewDHudson). I tweet fascinating links, clever poetry, reports on strange people on the street. You can keep up with all the great stuff I’m doing:...

Going for Broke: Of Credit Cards and Cornbread Lines

June 20, 2011

Published: April 2, 2009 Today I tried to log on to my bank’s Web site, and, when at first the page didn’t come up, I found myself wondering for more than just a moment whether my bank had...

The Box Cutter Problem: How Do You Stop Ideas?

June 6, 2011

Published: January 29, 2009 In the first decade of the 21st century, international relations shook, economies cringed, cities cowered, towers crumbled and thousands perished. All because of...

Never Keep All Your Eggs On One Planet

June 5, 2011

Published: December 11, 2008 Imagine a bucket of sand, just plain, lifeless sand. Then imagine a flower bed, a bee hive, a flock of birds, a cat, a dog or a human child. Compare these two things,...

The Study and the Singularity

June 5, 2011

Published: November 20, 2008 These are ambitious times. Some weeks ago, researchers at the National Institutes of Health, along with other federal science agencies, announced the start of the $2.7...

“John McCain Is Aware of the Internet.”

June 4, 2011

Published: October 30, 2008 At a recent forum on technology and democracy, a McCain staffer fielded assertions that his candidate was out of touch with technology and the Internet, and was therefore...

Ways to Spend Seven Hundred Billion Dollars

June 4, 2011

Published: October 16, 2008 Seven hundred billion dollars is a helluva lot of money. Even in this age of “a trillion here, a trillion there, pretty soon we are talking real money,” numbers...

Why We Should All Stop Worrying and Love the Large Hadron Collider

June 3, 2011

Published: October 2, 2008 It is the biggest science experiment in history. Infinitesimal particles will be driven to astounding velocities and smashed into each other, releasing energies so...

Reluctant Expectations: China and the Olympics

June 3, 2011

Published: August 28, 2008 At first, I was reluctant about watching the Olympics. I know a few Tibetans. I had heard them talk of their anger towards the Chinese, their frustration with their state...

Where In The World (of Warcraft) Are We?

June 3, 2011

Published: April 17, 2008 It is odd being in two places at once. On Thursday nights, we all go out to dinner.  We chat and joke and enjoy our meal, talk about movies and business and the...

End of an Era: Moving Beyond the Bush Years

June 2, 2011

Published: April 3, 2008 Election years stand out in my memory. I was an eighth grader in 2000 and, for no particular reason that I can remember, I decided to do a survey of my middle school...

This Is Your Brain Unplugged: How We Connect With Our Computers

June 1, 2011

Published: Febrary 14, 2008 Evvers, the Costa Rican tech support guy, had me unscrew the back panel on my laptop, but I already knew it was too late. My machine had died—again—and...

Preparations, Adaptations and Generations: The Changing Face of the Climate Crisis

June 1, 2011

Published: January 31, 2008 Can you feel it getting warmer? Last summer was the hottest in years, and this winter has been pretty mild as well. A couple weeks ago, rare winter tornadoes stomped across...

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