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Republicans Are Losing the Coronavirus Battle

July 7, 2020

Once seen as the plague of liberal cities, the tide of the coronavirus has now turned.

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Should I Stay or Should I Go

June 19, 2020

While it would be trivial to pretend that anyone could predict how the coronavirus crisis will end and when its long-term effects will be fully realized, the rise of remote working could certainly incentivize renters to move out of their city apartments and into the suburbs.

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New York’s Budget: It Ain’t Much, But It’s an Improvement

April 28, 2020

Although strategically sprinkled with all too common sleights of hand from New York politicians, next year’s budget poses a win for New York’s middle class residents and reinforces safety throughout the city and state.

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What Lies Ahead for New York?

April 22, 2020

Because the virus is spreading asymmetrically throughout the country, it’s likely that states and cities not hit as hard may reopen before New York.

As the consequences of his failures threaten the city, de Blasio has found that spreading the blame is preferable to stopping the corona virus from doing the same.

Mayor de Blasio’s Botched Pandemic Response

April 1, 2020

Nothing can fix previous mistakes made by de Blasio and his response team, but what can change is the message he conveys to New Yorkers.

Former Vice President Joseph Biden looks to his right and points both fingers to the crowd

SAPIENZA: Biden’s Super Tuesday Victories Prove Detrimental for Trump

March 5, 2020

In an ideal world, President Trump would love to take on Sen. Bernie Sanders and his radical agenda on Election Day, but former Vice President Joe Biden had other plans in mind on Super Tuesday.

UZORNIKOVA: Nine Circles of Lincoln Center

UZORNIKOVA: Nine Circles of Lincoln Center

February 19, 2020

“When halfway through the journey of our life I found that I was in a gloomy wood, because the path which led aright was lost,” whined a Lincoln Center student lost at Rose Hill. “Abandon all hope, ye who enter here,” said the Plaza at 9:59 a.m.

Clear and measured dialogue with your peers can be difficult when you’re the only elephant in the room.

SAPIENZA: What It’s Like Being a Conservative at Fordham

February 19, 2020

At Fordham Lincoln Center , the atmosphere of the school is such where those who want to demonstrate their opposition to progressive politics fear being ostracized for doing so and as a result, they are forced to keep quiet.

In this case, Corey really shouldn’t be in the house.

BERNABEI: Mayor Corey Johnson? Let’s Hope Not

February 18, 2020

Now, let’s not whitewash the utter failure de Blasio’s mayorship has been — but Corey Johnson would be even worse at the helm of the United States’ most populated city.

UZORNIKOVA: A Guide to the Human Beings in Your Lecture

UZORNIKOVA: A Guide to the Human Beings in Your Lecture

February 5, 2020

As a writer for The Observer, I observe. And what better place for objective observation than a lecture hall...

BERNABEI: New York on Hot Seat over Gun Rules

BERNABEI: New York on Hot Seat over Gun Rules

February 5, 2020

For years, New York’s gun laws have not only violated the Second Amendment, but also common sense and basic principles of firearm safety.