How to Spot a McMahon Hall Resident, It’s Easier Than It Seems


Published: November 15, 2007

Spotting a resident of McMahon Hall is often easier than spotting the winner of a hot dog eating contest with Rosie O’Donnell in the room. While it may not fit for all residents, the fashion of FCLC residents is a staple of each and every McMahon Hallian. So next time you see what appears to be frantic students hurrying past security with “I can’t believe I’m showing you my ID, I pass you eight times a day” looks on their faces, check out what they’re wearing before calling them out to security.

“Normal” college student gear:

This genre includes what most residents can be spotted in by the time 4 o’clock comes around and they have changed out of their pajamas. It is simply jeans and a T-shirt, maybe a polo or tank top. And, for girls in particular, they can be spotted in packs gossiping about the commuter girls who think they are enrolled at Club Fordham.

Workout gear:

You may notice FCLC residents leaving and entering the dorms in their spandex and sports bras. No, this is not because they are heading to the oh-so-famous second floor exercise room, it is in fact the complete opposite. These residents have been forced to dip into mom and dad’s tuition money for an outside gym membership because they want to do more than use an elliptical or lay on a mat.

Pajamas/running late for class gear:

It is a staple of the typical college student to go to class wearing what he or she slept in the night before and FCLC is no different—if you’re a resident. Knowing that you can wake up just seven minutes before class starts and head through the dark tunnel to class is an idea that no resident can resist. Plus, odds are, the laundry you did the night before is still in the dryer…still wet…. after its third cycle.

Late night eater gear:

Each and every resident loves a late night snack to disrupt studying. These students can easily be spotted waiting in the lobby for the deliveryman to arrive on his bike, feeling no remorse that they just made him ride miles in the rain or cold. The late night eater wears whatever items were in reach at the time because they were braless and ready for bed before their roommate convinced them to order cheese fries. Flip-flops, shorts and a hoodie (with the hood up, of course) are common trademarks of residents with the late night munchies.