Office of Multicultural Affairs Now at Lincoln Center

Mission Promises to Promote Diversity on Campus


Published: November 15, 2007

FCLC—“Be curious…” is the motto of the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA). The Office, which recently expanded to Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), “provides a variety of resources to help facilitate an engaged campus community that proactively explores various areas of diversity, including race and ethnicity, gender, culture, sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, religious orientation, international concerns and social justice/oppression issues,” according to the university Web site.

“I haven’t heard too much about the Office of Multicultural Affairs, but the OMA seems to be a vital element in the process of integrating Fordham students from every culture and background,” said Christina Frasca, FCLC ’11.

What started out as Multicultural Services at Rose Hill in 2002 has grown into the Office of Multicultural Affairs (OMA), which now has two locations to serve both the Rose Hill and Lincoln Center campuses.

The OMA is developing several activities. They are working to create a dialogue series, which would center around the discussion and exploration of cultural differences. The OMA also hopes to develop a “safe zone” for students having issues concerning cultural well-being as well as an inter-campus cultural connection that would bring Rose Hill and Lincoln Center students together.

Some of the Office’s plans have already been brought to fruition, such as training Orientation Leaders in dealing with cultural diversity, sponsoring commuter student breakfasts and the publication of their newsletter. The OMA also hosted an Open House on Nov. 8 in the Student Lounge.

Jean Pak, assistant director of the OMA said, “The Open House had a great turnout. It was a good chance to meet new students and do some public outreach. Any opportunity to continue to explore new avenues to reach out to our students is a great thing. I think it’s important to let people know we’re here.”

Matt Rodriguez, FCLC ’11, said he has seen the OMA flyers around campus. “It made me curious. I’m glad that the people from the OMA helped sponsor and attend the Cultural Potluck on Nov. 8. I think it made the students who attended more aware that the OMA is out there.”

Pak says she is very excited that the OMA has expanded to Lincoln Center. “The community here is amazing! Everyone has been so supportive and welcoming, especially Res Life and the diversity clubs,” she said.

Pak added, “The Office of Multicultural Affairs’ expansion to Lincoln Center was only natural. Our office identifies with Fordham’s Jesuit mission of supporting and educating the whole person—that’s what we’re here to do.”

The OMA expanded last year with the hopes of providing resources to students, staff and faculty that support the university’s mission and commitment to exploring cultural diversity by engaging in dialogue and conversation. The OMA co-sponsored events such as the Jena Six Forum and Discussion on Nov. 14, along with Molimo and Students for Solidarity. Pak said that the OMA would really like to hear from students so that the Office can make an assessment of the needs of students and get to know the diversity at FCLC.

Right now, the Office of Multicultural Affairs is located in the former Residence Hall Association (RHA) office in McMahon Hall. Pak said this location is only temporary and that the Office hopes to move somewhere to accommodate both resident and commuter students at FCLC.