Traits of a Terrible Roommate


Published: November 8, 2007

We’ve all had a terrible roommate at some point in our lives. It might have been your bratty little sister or that kid who was allergic to everything at your summer camp. If you’re a resident at McMahon Hall, your worst roommate could be the very person you are sharing a room with this year. Here is a compilation of what LC residents said are the worst traits or characteristics in a roommate:

1. Bad hygiene
It’s okay to skip a shower once in a while, but when your roommate begins to have stink lines like in old cartoons, it’s time to have a talk…or get a gas mask.

2. Loud music/screaming
Try as you might, you can’t convince yourself that your roomie’s blasting music or screechy fights are soothing wildlife sounds. They will not help you fall asleep at night.

3. Quiet and/or antisocial
A hermit-like roommate may be awkward if you want to make friends, but when term papers and finals come sneaking in, you’ll be glad your roommate is quiet and almost non-existent.

4. Messy
Piles of laundry, three-day-old cream cheese bagels under the bed, CDs all over the floor…Your roommate’s side of the room is comparable to Staten Island.

5. Live-in boyfriend/girlfriend
It’s difficult enough to share your living space with someone new but when their significant other comes to stay indefinitely, it can be unbearable. No one should have to wake up to midnight rumblings in the nearest bed.

6. Religious fanatic
Yes, this is a Jesuit university. No, your roommate talking about Jesus all day is not entertaining; though, it might help you with your theology class.

7. Junkie
There’s nothing attractive about a smoke-filled room and the constant stench of marijuana. Now is the time to open your windows and send your roommate to the Counseling Center.

8. Straight-edge
Having someone who’s stuck in the Prohibition era can be quite the buzz kill at times. Especially if after your drunken antics, your roommate gives you that look of disdain that only your mom could muster.

9.  Arrogant
When your roommate thinks that he or she is God of all creatures and things, and you have biblical proof that they are not.

10. Kleptomaniac
Don’t you love it when the T-shirt you’ve been looking for shows up on your roommate’s back without permission? How about when they “borrow” $20 from your semi-secret stash?