New Building Will Raise Campus Prestige



Charlie Puente/The Observer

Construction on the new law school and dormitory building continues at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) and, according to Patricia Peek, Fordham hopes that this new building will contribute to the University’s aspiring image as a top college in the United States. “We are indeed looking to build on that momentum by promoting a variety of new initiatives and facilities, including this project,” Peek said.

Peek, associate dean of admission and director of Lincoln Center’s enrollment group, said that during the past few years, Fordham has become a more prominent choice for students applying to college. Peek said that applications to the university have steadily increased over the past 21 cycles. Just this past year, Fordham’s early action application pool experienced an increase of about 12 percent compared to last year, she said.

In addition, Peek said, “As is evidenced by our advancing position in U.S. News and World Report, our recognized excellence as a Fulbright producing school, and other markers of success, exists a positive image for Fordham in the marketplace.”

“We are working on solidifying projections for the impacted entering classes,”Peek said, “We plan to aggressively, yet strategically, fill the residence hall.”

In order to achieve this goal of filling the residence hall, Peek said, “We are publicizing the new facility to high school guidance counselors working with prospective students.”  She said that Fordham is also promoting the construction to visitors of the Lincoln Center campus during events and tours. “The project has been included in our admission presentation as a sign of Fordham’s strength and growth, and the LC construction web cam has a prominent place on our site,” Peek said.

Some FCLC students shared their opinions about the new building. Theresa Carthy, FCLC ’15, commented on the image that the building would bring to Fordham and said, “I’ve had other teachers mention that Fordham is much more esteemed today than it was a few years ago.” She said that it would be nice to continue and build on that positive image.

Carthy said, “I like the school for other reasons, the good faculty for one, but the new building would be nice especially if its going to have undergraduate housing. For me though, it would not be a big reason to come to this school.”

Although Fordham is providing additional space for the Lincoln Center campus, one student believed that this new building will not necessarily attract a lot of new students.

“I would recommend Fordham no matter what because I like Fordham,” Apollonia Colacicco, FCLC ’13, said. “The new building is just an added bonus and now there will be more space for all of us.”

Peek said that in anticipation of the new building and increased living space on campus for undergraduate students, Fordham has been and will continue to encourage potential students to consider the Lincoln Center campus.