Forget Black Friday, It’s All About Cyber Monday


Mark Bolster

If you want to avoid the craziness that is Black Friday, check out Cyber Monday instead. (Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times/MCT)


If you want to avoid the craziness that is Black Friday, check out Cyber Monday instead. (Mark Boster/Los Angeles Times/MCT)

If you love great deals but can’t handle the lines and pushing of Black Friday, you’re not alone. That’s why in 2005 the shopping gods graced us with Cyber Monday, the Black Friday of online shopping.

In case you’re feeling overwhelmed with all the deals coming your way or just need help figuring out a plan of attack, we’ve got five suggestions to help you take full advantage of everything the day has to offer. So get comfortable in front of your computer screen and enjoy Cyber Monday, the busiest online shopping day of the year.

1. Social Media to the Rescue: Twitter and Facebook are great ways to stay in the know on the best deals. Check out your favorite retailer’s Facebook fan page or official Twitter account and scope out the best deal for you. If you’re still on a hunt for even more deals, try searching #cybermonday or #deals on Twitter. Make sure to refresh your search every so often and you’ll be surprised at the number of great deals you’ll discover. This is truly social media at its finest.

2. You’ve Got Mail: If you’re in the habit of hitting delete on emails from retailers, make sure to resist the urge this Monday. Email alerts are a great way to find what deals your favorite stores have going on and some retailers even gift subscribers with bonus offer codes for extra savings. So if you haven’t subscribed yet, now’s your chance. And don’t worry about emails flooding your inbox; you can always unsubscribe come Tuesday.

3. Amazon is King: Amazon is king of the online shopping world for good reason. So reap the benefits of this online superstore and check out their Cyber Monday specials. Whether you need a laptop for Dad, jewelry for Mom or toys for your younger brother, Amazon is the perfect place for holiday shopping. Best part is that on Amazon, it’s not just Cyber Monday, it’s Cyber Monday week.

4. Think Spring Break: Cyber Monday isn’t just about electronics and clothes anymore, it’s also about the travel deals. And though Spring Break is still several months away, it’s never too early to plan ahead. Travel sites like Orbitz and hotel chains like Marriott are offering great deals for locations around the United States and around the world. Make sure to read what travel dates apply for the location you choose and who knows you may just walk away with a great spring break deal for a fraction of the price.

5. Make Sure to Compare: Whenever you see a huge discount, chances are you want to jump on the opportunity because everyone likes to save money. But make sure to be careful because not all deals are actually as good as they seem. The best way to check that you’re getting the most out of a deal is to compare prices online. Thanks to Google it couldn’t be easier. Just type in the name of the product and check what other prices it’s available for. Those few extra moments of research will earn you a big thank you from your wallet.