The Return of Third Eye Blind: 1997 in 2011, and I Plan on Enjoying Every Second of It


Throughout the third week in April, I couldn’t sign into Facebook without statuses filling my news feed from fellow Fordham students revolving around one certain topic. When I managed to finally wake up after hitting the snooze button on my alarm clock five times and head to class, I couldn’t help but overhear the sighs of displeasure and words of excitement.

And the reason for the Fordham community’s mania wasn’t over the latest dating rumors or scandalous bar hopping photos. Instead, it seemed we were at least momentarily enveloped in a blast from the past, courtesy of CAB booking Third Eye Blind to perform at Spring Weekend.

Quite a few students would rather have not been whisked away to their middle school days of braces, checkered leggings and CD players blasting “Semi-Charmed Life.”

But many more won’t mind belting out a few of the band’s greatest hits come April 30. I am among the latter group.

For years, I longed to be a narcoleptic before bothering to Google what narcolepsy actually is. All my CD case-toting friends and I knew was that Third Eye Blind sang about it and the song sounded really cool, so it couldn’t be that bad.

And my knowledge of their music didn’t cease once I scored their self-titled 1997 debut album on Amazon a few years after its release. While most people know Third Eye Blind for such hits as “Semi-Charmed Life,” “Jumper” and “Graduate,” this band has produced so many more relatable, inspiring, fist-pumping and head-bobbing songs.

Their sophomore effort, “Blue,” was highly underrated, yet fearlessly pushed the boundaries of rock. This isn’t your run of the mill, pop-infused rock album. One listen of the melancholy yet mature “Darkness” will prove that.

Their last two CDs, “Out of the Vein” and “Ursa Major,” were both disappointing in terms of record sales and hit singles, but were lyrically gripping. As the band stepped out of the mainstream, their fan base moved on to the likes of Fall Out Boy and My Chemical Romance. But that doesn’t mean Third Eye Blind lost its touch. On the contrary, we seem to have lost ours, having succumbed to such lows as, “Thanks for the memories / even though they weren’t so great / he tastes like you, only sweeter.” Riveting, guys.

While the lyrics to their best songs are nothing short of amazing in my book, as a graduating senior, I plan on having one last hurrah for my wannabe rock star youth, which has been in hibernation over the past four years as my business apparel-adorned self ran around New York City on job interviews and internship errands. And I can’t think of any band that could help me accomplish this other than Third Eye Blind.

I want desperately to forget job hunting, bills and living arrangements completely for a few hours. I want to scream the lyrics to every song Stephan Jenkins sings until my throat is sore and the unfortunate group of students standing in front of me has gone nearly deaf.

I want to break out my old concert T-shirt and ignore those daunting weekend calls from family members asking what in the world I’m going to do with my life. At least Third Eye Blind wouldn’t care if I decided “to spend the whole goddamned day in bed.”

And besides being influential during our childhoods, this band hasn’t phased out along with the Spice Girls, though if those British pop stars ever wanted to do a reunion performance at Fordham, I’d readily pull on my platform boots and metallic mini and rock out to “Spice Up Your Life.”

Third Eye Blind has been hard at work, planning to release their fifth studio album this year. This band hasn’t spiraled into irrelevance; its last released record still managed to sell hundreds of thousands of copies.

No matter who is slated to perform that Saturday afternoon of avoiding term papers and our impending thrust into the real world, some students will be disappointed. To those of you who are, please stand in the back so I can get as close to Jenkins as humanly possible.

Even if you’ve been red-faced with anger for the past couple of days, graduation is on the horizon and we should at least attempt to enjoy what little time we have left. And you can always treat yourself to a concert for being such a great sport if you ever manage to pay off your student loans.

As for me, I’ve been brushing up on my Third Eye Blind lyrics through karaoke style practice sessions, because I am stoked.