Dumbledore’s Out! Students Sound Off


Published: November 8, 2007

“I thought he was just in love with learning and winning and I was sort of bummed out because I wondered if there was a special thing going on between him and Prof. McGonagall.”

-Ivana Morgan, FCLC ’09


“He is looked up to by children and his being gay makes it more acceptable. I feel like children may not make fun of gay people or classmates because of this.”

-Yehudis Hirsch, FCLC ’11


“Good for him! And good for J.K. Rowling, who is enjoying all this extra press.”

-Fallon Mulerman, FCLC ’10


“I was not really shocked by the news because if you read all the books, you notice that Dumbledore has a very close relationship to Harry…it is odd that J.K Rowling came out with such an odd statement out of the blue.  Perhaps it’s her idea of a small publicity stunt.”

-Juan Duran, FCLC ’11


“I think that Rowling is making things up as she tours the world. I feel that Rowling is trying to make more money with her views.”

-Sam Wong, FCLC ’09