The Choirs of Fordham University Ring in Fall with First Concert


Published: November 8, 2007

FCRH—Fordham’s University Choir and Women’s Choir sang in their first performance of the school year on Oct. 28. The performance was held at the University Church on the Rose Hill campus. It was well-attended by parents and family members, with even the back pews of the church used for seating. Some students also peppered the crowd to support their friends and classmates.

The concert was part of the Freshman Family Weekend festivities for Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) students, so a majority of the audience appeared to belong to FCLC freshmen. Family and friends were greeted by two FCLC freshmen and members of Chamber Singers, Patrice Kugler and Nick Davoli.

The Women’s Choir, directed by Steven Fox and accompanied by Todd Smith, kicked off the performance with their rendition of “Yo le Canto Todo el Dia,” by David L. Brenner, followed by four more songs. The Women’s Choir, composed of both Lincoln Center and Rose Hill women, holds two- hour practices once every week at Rose Hill, according to Aislinn Gavin, FCLC ’11, who has enjoyed her time working with the choir so far.

Under the direction of Robert Minotti, the University Choir followed the Women’s Choir with nine pieces, including a well-received medley that kept the audience engaged and applauding. The University Choir ended the show with the Fordham Alma Mater, for which students and alumni stood out of respect and school pride.

The University Choir is made up of Rose Hill’s select Concert Choir and FCLC’s select Chamber Singers. This concert was the first time both choirs had the opportunity to sing together, and Kugler said, “it was nice to perform in such a large group that we don’t usually get to see together as LC Chamber Singers.”

As for the overall performance, Gavin said, “I thought it went really well. There were a lot of compliments from other students and family members that were in the audience.”

The University Choir is open to all Fordham students and includes vocalists ranging from freshmen to graduate students, from both the Lincoln Center and Rose Hill campuses. A solo was even sung by a Jesuit graduate student, George Teodoro, S.J. According to the program distributed to guests, choir members also hail from all over the world, from places as near as Brooklyn and as far as China.

“Women’s choir is one of the better experiences I’m having at Fordham,” said Gavin. “It’s a really good thing to be involved in. It’s like one big family; we all get along really well, and our conductor is one of the coolest people you’ll ever meet—he’s really talented and he makes us better singers.” As for being a freshman in a group of upperclassmen and graduate students, Gavin said, “it doesn’t matter. They welcome anyone who wants to be involved.”

Kugler said the same of University Choir and the LC Chamber Singers. “It’s really easy to feel incorporated because everyone is so welcoming.”

After the show, choir members sold the very last of their Christmas CDs for $15 and people stuffed $20 bills into the collection basket. The donations were accepted to support the choir’s fourth European tour to Austria this summer and other choir endeavors.

The University Choir is also excited to announce that they will be performing at what Kugler called, “the greatest venue in the world,” Carnegie Hall. “I’ve sung there before and I am excited to go back with this group because they’re wonderful and all extremely talented.”