Spice Up Your Trick-or-Treating This Halloween


For an easy Halloween costume option, dress as someone from a movie. For something more unique, try something quirky like Occupy Sesame Street.


It’s mid-October and you still don’t know what to wear for Halloween? It’s hard to come up with a costume, because, let’s face it: Halloween is all about showing off how creative and fun you can be. Good costumes make you appear as fun-loving and witty, while weak costumes can make you seem bland or boring. There’s a lot of pressure.

For an easy Halloween costume option, dress as someone from a movie. For something more unique, try something quirky like Occupy Sesame Street. (Courtesy of Fox Search Light Pictures)

There are so many things to consider. Will this costume help me stand out? Will people like it? Will it make me appealing to that girl/guy I’ve been trying to get with all semester? These are all very important questions, yet difficult to address.

1. Your favorite movie 

This one isn’t very original, but it’s a safe option, and people will be able to recognize you right away; just don’t get too obscure with your character (unless you’re a hipster, of course). There won’t be a lot of explaining to do, which is nice. After you tell someone that you are Rocky Balboa, Kung-Fu Panda or the darker Natalie Portman from “Black Swan,” then no more needs to be said. It can be an instant topic of conversation and nice icebreaker. If people haven’t heard of the movie you picked or don’t like that movie, then don’t talk to them. It’s probably not worth it anyway.

2. Board game piece

This one is also pretty easy to do, but more clever than a movie character. Just about everyone played board games when they were a kid, but that was long enough ago that the idea won’t occur to most people. Who wouldn’t love it if you showed up to a party as the Monopoly man or Colonel Mustard or Miss Scarlet from “Clue”? You’ll tap into everyone’s inner child as well as spark some nostalgic conversation.

3. Apple-related product 

This will probably be overdone this Halloween in honor of Steve Jobs, but it’s still a good idea for a costume. Go as an iPod or even something as abstract as Safari. This idea will get you noticed, because who doesn’t like Apple? Just don’t go to any PC exclusive parties (in NYC, there’s probably not much to worry about).

4. Occupy Wall Street

Dress up as a hippie or even a Wall Street fat cat. Granted, the protesters have some pretty great costumes of their own, so maybe just lift their ideas? It could be a good move. This idea doesn’t have to be so one dimensional either; you could go as the economy (a beat up businessman/worker) or anything else related to the topic. If you’re into politics you can use this as a sort of forum for your own interests. Like-minded people will appreciate that– just be prepared for fewer treats in the bag if you promote your ideals too strongly.

5. Occupy Sesame Street

This one is a popular Internet meme, so if you go as it you might not get points for being original, but at least you’ll be easily recognizable. Go as the impoverished Oscar the Grouch or a (money) counting Dracula.

6. A contradiction

This has the potential to be very original and people are sure to love it. Go as a rat princess or a yeti in a bathing suit. Dress as anything you can think of that just really doesn’t make sense. It’s easy: find two things that don’t fit with each other and put them together. People will appreciate the wit and you’ll get plenty of compliments.

7. Everyday item

This one is pretty easy and has a homemade feel, which is always a bonus in the costume world. Try the functional human marker: put a sponge on your head, soak it in paint, and head-butt things to leave your mark. Wrap yourself in something and slap on a Crayola logo to make the costume complete. Head-butting people is risky, so it might be best to try this particular idea with a buddy. Have your buddy dress up as a note pad, and write all over them. Try anything you find on your desk and try to replicate it in a costume. Someone will be impressed.

8. Wordplay

This one will get you points for being clever, but it might receive the same groans that spoken puns get. Try some “animal magnetism” and cover yourself in plush figurines, or follow “The Office” and dress up like Facebook by making a book helmet. When people ask you what you are, you’ll get a good, “Oh, I get it.” And then they might just walk away, but at least you’ll create some interest, and maybe someone will stick around if your idea is particularly clever.

9. Famous painting 

This one is also easy, but not particularly popular, which means you’ll definitely stand out. If you go as Leonardo da Vinci’s “Mona Lisa” or Edvard Munch’s “Scream,” people will recognize you right away, and if that person is into art they will definitely try and talk to you. This works especially well if you’re trying to get with an art history major.