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Crossword: Noble Names

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About the Contributor
ABBY GRUNZINGER, Fun & Games Editor
Abby Grunzinger (she/her), FCLC ʼ25, is the head fun & games editor at The Observer. She is currently majoring in film and television and double minoring in visual arts and English. This is her second year with The Observer, and she’s looking forward to another fantastic year of fun (and games!). If she’s not at The Observer, she’s probably crocheting, trying to finish a screenplay or — most likely — frequenting the AMC Lincoln Square 13 movie theater with her friends.  

Comments (2)

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  • A

    Alex S.Feb 2, 2024 at 11:58 am

    In the print edition,

    21A is singular when it should be plural
    55A the clue is the answer
    37D clue is missing
    38D clue is missing

    Does no one check these over?

  • U

    Uncle BobJan 29, 2024 at 7:49 pm

    Theme OK, not real exciting.
    Print edition lacks the 38D clue, and its 55A clue is broken. These issues are fixed in online edition.
    There is a dupe between a word in a clue and the answer to 35A. Not illegal but frowned on in some circles. The offending clue could easily be changed.
    The cross of 38D and 43A is not inferrable if you (like me) don’t know one of the names. I guessed lucky.
    After filling in 55D from crosses, I had to look up how that is an answer to the clue. Never heard of that game.