Thankful to Be Heard


Concerned with the current state of our economy, students increasingly fear the difficult search for jobs that will face them after graduation. Some students, especially those in liberal arts, wonder whether they even chose the right major.  According to Esther Fernando’s article on page 1, “Unstable Economy Causes Students to Question Future,” some are relying on opportunities from internships to keep them afloat, while others are banking on graduate school to put off the inevitable job search. Although many may alter their career paths based on what will be most lucrative for their future, others hold onto the hope that their passion for a subject will be enough to sustain a stable salary.

It’s not just at FCLC where we feel anxious about the future. Protestors are heading downtown in droves to fight what they feel are unjust practices in the corporate world; it’s clear that it’s not just students who are making themselves heard as they grow frustrated with the strain of financial insecurity. Everyone has been affected. However, while this is ample cause for concern, we must put our plight in perspective.

According to an interview with Prof. Alsiadi, a leader in the American-Syrian support movement on page 1,  citizens in Syria who desire to break away from government corruption are also anxious about their economy, yet they cannot voice their anger as freely. Protesters there face the threat of torture and even death. In a brutal regime, fighting for democracy and freedom is stifled, as thousands have lost lives in the struggle to overturn current conditions in a land controlled by a dictator.

As Americans, we do not face that fear. As Americans, we have the ability to speak our minds and fight for causes because our constitutional rights allow us to do so.

While some may discredit protesters as ignorant masses of people who just want to stir up trouble, there are many people with opinionated voices who are passionate about what they believe and do feel that outwardly showing their support or aversion will make a difference. And our voices can evoke change. Consistent media coverage ensures that citizens across the nation are kept up-to-date on what protesters face and accomplish. Syria however, does not  get that same level of media exposure.   As students, we must learn to not only appreciate our liberties, but understand how protesters in countries not always consistently visible in the news, face oppression daily.