Songwriting Club Wows Music Lovers at Open Mic Night

Fordham’s club for songwriters, musicians and fans gathers to embrace both covers and original music

Faye Gotsopoulou, FCLC ’26, performs two songs, one of which was “Black Sheep” by Metric. She has been playing and writing music since childhood and started taking guitar lessons at the age of 8.


Fordham Lincoln Center’s Songwriting Club organized Open Mic Night on Feb. 24, an event open to all Fordham students to showcase their artistic talents by incorporating different styles of music — from originals to covers — into their performances on stage.

Held in room G76 in the 140 West 62nd Street Building, the event was packed, as about 70 people came to appreciate good music and cheer on performers. Guests were greeted with a vibrant and positive atmosphere similar to that of a jazz club. The room was filled with dim lights and a display of pizza and refreshments.

Anthony Occhino, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’24 and president of the Songwriting Club, expressed his commitment to offer as many opportunities for everyone to be a part of music, whether it be performing or creating songs. He performed with several acts on stage as a guitarist and is hoping to organize an event on the outdoor plaza later this semester.

“Some of my fellow club members would say that I was an absolute ball of stress, but in actuality, I was so happy to be organizing this open mic,” Occhino said. “I felt as though it was a pretty great success. We had over 30 performances, and tons of people came to support, but of course we are always focused on tweaking things to make every event better.”

One of the night’s main highlights featured Willie Mejia, GSBLC ’25, who returned to Open Mic Night for the third time to perform two covers. He said that the event was a great opportunity to cultivate his talents and skills in music.

“The biggest thing when it comes to songwriting and expressing yourself in general is to not make it some overarching, all-encompassing agenda,” Mejia said. “You feel how you feel. Music is just one way that can be expressed. Songwriting has made that more clear than anything else. It’s honestly the best outlet I have.”

Another exceptional performance was that of Faye Gotsopoulou, FCLC ’26, who sang two songs alongside Occhino, guitarist, as well as Minjoo Kim, bassist, and Soren Lindsay, drummer, both FCLC ’26.

“I really enjoyed performing with friends from the songwriting club and being in front of a lively and supportive audience,” Gotsopoulou said.