Fordham Stars Show Off in Annual Hula Bowl

Ryan Greenhagen and Tim DeMorat flew down to Orlando to participate in the showcase



Tim DeMorat, FCRH ’23, and Ryan Greenhagen, GSAS ’23, were invited to the Hula Bowl to participate in the prestigious All-Star game on Jan. 14.


The 2022-23 season was an overall success for Fordham’s football program. Despite an early exit from the Football Championship Subdivision (FCS) after their loss against the University of New Hampshire, the Rams showed heart, quality and talent culminating in their 9-2 record. 

The program’s key players, Tim DeMorat, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’23 and Ryan Greenhagen, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) ’23, were able to participate in one final game before the end of their Fordham careers. In recognition of the stars’ stellar season, the Hula Bowl invited the players to participate in the prestigious All-Star game on Jan. 14.

The Hula Bowl was established in 1946 and was originally known as the Hula Bowl All-Star Football Classic. It is sometimes considered a noncompetitive counterpart to the highly competitive Hawaii Bowl. 

Thanks to DeMorat’s awareness, the pair connected for a 75-yard score.

The event has become a massive opportunity for collegiate athletes to showcase their talent. From around the world, scouts from professional leagues including the NFL, United States Football League and Canadian Football League, come to watch the athletes perform. 

In an interview with The Scouting Depot, DeMorat spoke of his gratitude for being selected to participate in the esteemed competition. The decorated former Rams quarterback stated that he still has a chip on his shoulder, as Fordham was the only school to make him an offer out of high school. 

When asked what he hoped to show at the event, DeMorat confidently said that he’s “an NFL quarterback.”

The game is usually played in Hawaii, hence the name. Since 2021, however, the game has been played in Orlando. Those invited are split into two teams: Aina and Kai, which mean “land” and “water” in Hawaiian, respectively. DeMorat and Greenhagen were both selected for Aina.

Each team now has a five-win record under their current names, with Kai winning this year along with the past three. Despite the loss, DeMorat made a couple of highlight plays. The play of the afternoon came from the former Fordham quarterback. Wearing No. 17, DeMorat received the snap, faked a handoff to his right and stepped into the pocket. Simultaneously, University of Alabama at Birmingham (UAB) receiver Trea Shropshire, UAB ’23, got the best of his defender. Thanks to DeMorat’s awareness, the pair connected for a 75-yard score. 

DeMorat’s career at Fordham was one for the history books. It is no surprise he was able to pull off such a difficult pass. His four years at Fordham saw Demorat enter the Fordham top five all-time for completions, passing yards and passing touchdowns, two Patriot League Player of the Year awards. 

The Fordham Rams now look toward the 2023-24 season. It will be difficult to replicate their success without the leadership, fervor, skill and passion displayed in every game by DeMorat and Greenhagen. Regardless, there is a feel-good factor lingering around the Bronx program, a welcome change reminiscent of the success of past Fordham teams.

Whether they play in the NFL or elsewhere, the careers of DeMorat and Greenhagen are far from over. As for Fordham fans, the road ahead is uncertain. The Rams’ future success hangs in the balance and will be determined by their younger core.