Women in Music: Laufey and Matilda Mann

Laufey’s performance at the Bowery Ballroom was “Like the Movies” with a crowd of fans singing passionately along to every song


A sold-out crowd made up primarily of young adults listening to classic jazz melded with the modern sounds of bedroom pop might seem unlikely at first glance, but Laufey’s “Everything I Know About Love” tour, named after her debut album which was released on Aug. 26, reinforces her place in the present-day spotlight.

Laufey (pronounced lay-vay) and opener Matilda Mann performed to over 600 fans at the Bowery Ballroom on Sept. 28. This was the former’s first headlining tour in the U.S. and marked her return to New York City; the last time she sang in the city was in December as an opener for Ricky Montgomery at the Gramercy Theatre.

Mann’s opening set charmed the audience and beautifully prepared it for the headliner. Mann’s sound is self-described as “very particular,” falling under the indie-pop genre. She graced the stage along with her iconic cherry earrings and guitar (that has a cherry sticker on it, of course).

Laufey performed in a gorgeous white dress with a crocheted top from DÔEN that perfectly contrasted her ruby-red electric guitar. She brought her distinct, rich voice as she sang about heartbreak and love, both platonic and romantic. In an interview with V Magazine, she said, “The album’s called ‘Everything I Know About Love,’ but we come to find out at the end of the album that I actually know very little about romantic love.” What she may lack in knowledge about romantic love, however, she makes up for with her romanticized and daydreamy view of the world around her, which is imbued into her work.

She ended the night with a message to the crowd: “There are a few moments that feel surreal, like out of a movie, and this is one of them.”

“Everything I Know About Love (Deluxe Edition)” was released on Oct. 14 and includes three new tracks: “Slow Down,” “Lucky for Me” and “Questions for the Universe.”