Board Game: A Lincoln Center Spring


How to play:

  1. To start the game, roll a six to begin your journey on the board. If you roll any number other than six, you lose your turn and must hold a squat until your next turn.
  2. Every time you roll a six, you may get another turn and may roll again so long as you eat a spoon of ketchup. 
  3. Wherever you land, refer to the corresponding square.
  4. You cannot overshoot the last square. If you roll a number higher than needed to win, you are stuck on your current space and must wait until your next turn.

Water Emergency: Flooded plaza— If you landed on this square, you must pour as much water as you can into a glass without it overflowing. Then, the player to your right must add at least a drop of water to the top of the glass. Continue moving around the group counterclockwise with each player adding one drop of water to the glass, until the glass overflows. The player who causes the water to overflow loses their next turn. 

Syllabus Week: Scoping out the class— Pick a partner. Each time one of you performs an action described by the square, the other must too.

Snow Day: Freeze dance — You control the music — play and pause it as you please. Whichever player moves after the music stops must eat a spoonful of soy sauce.

First Essay: All—nighter — Drink a shot of espresso.

Delayed Start: Inclement weather— The Ram Vans are not operating. Lose your next turn.

Super Bowl: Gameday— You and the player across from you are now competing in a paper football match. You must both make attempts at a point until one of you is successful. Other players must bet if you will score or not. Those who lose the bet must perform a cheer routine for the winning player. The losing player must lead the cheer for the winner.

Valentine’s Day: True love —If you have a partner, you must pay them a compliment. If not, pick a person to be your partner for the rest of the game and compliment them.

Presidents’ Day: Executive order — You get to make a rule that everyone must follow for the rest of the game.

Campus Closure: Roads are frozen — Hold an ice cube in your mouth until it melts.

Lawn Day: Race — Choose an opponent and race them across the room. Everyone else must bet, and those who lose the bet must eat a pickle.

Midterms: Didn’t study — Go back to the “Delayed Start” square.

Spring Break: Going home — Let the player to your left send a text from your phone.

March Madness: Hoops — Crumple up a piece of paper and attempt a toss at the nearest trash can. Everyone must bet on whether you make it in. Those who lose the bet must do five pushups. If you miss, you must do five pushups.

April Fool’s Day: Class clown — Tell a joke, whoever laughs must allow the joke—teller to draw on their hand. If nobody laughs, you must allow any player who wants to draw on your hand to do so.

Picnic in the Park: Lovely spread — Pick a letter and go around in a circle naming foods that start with it. The first person who repeats a food or can’t think of one must eat a spoonful of maple syrup.

Easter: Egg hunt — Someone hides your phone. If you find it within a minute, you get to send a text from the phone of the person who hid yours. If you cannot find it in a minute, you must allow them to send a text from yours.

Museum Day: Pictionary — you must draw another player’s portrait. All other players must guess who it is. If a player guesses incorrectly, they must do an impression of the player being drawn. If nobody correctly guesses your drawing within a minute, you must imitate the player you were drawing.

Rose Hill Visit: Ram Van ride — Spin around for 30 seconds.

Last Class: Cram session— Move the person whose game piece is last place on the board to this square.

Reading Days: Literacy check — Read out the last text on your phone.

Finals: Real test — The player who lands on this must choose “Truth or Dare,” to be determined by the group.

School’s Out: You made it through the semester! You win!