Fordham Women’s Basketball Team Loses Fourth Straight to Richmond

How five Spiders outshot a single Ram: Asiah Dingle’s 31-point game was not enough to end Fordham’s losing streak



Stephanie Gaitley, women’s basketball head coach, has lead the women to the A10 championships before, but that may not happen for the Rams this year.


The Rams met a rough fate against the University of Richmond (UR) Spiders on Feb. 23, losing 79-69. The Spiders held a 30-point lead in the fourth after the Rams collapsed. The Rams have fallen to fifth place in the A10 standings, and La Salle University now holds fourth place. 

The Spiders set the tone early in the first quarter when Addie Budnik, UR ’24, hit a three-pointer 24 seconds into the game. Fordham’s defense did not improve from there, as the Rams allowed 23 points before in the first quarter. In addition to a slow defensive start for the Rams, their offense also suffered. 

The Spiders continued to heat up around the net and seemed unaffected by the Rams’ attempts to apply defensive pressure. Emma Squires, UR ’22, dribbled through two Rams who stood under the net like unwavering royal guards. 

Richmond’s offensive strength was too much for the Rams’ defense to keep up with.

In the first quarter, Anna DeWolfe, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’23, made only one out of her eight attempted shots. As a team, the Rams attempted 17 field goals, but only three were successful. Alongside DeWolfe, Kaitlyn Downey, Gabelli School of Business at Rose Hill (GSBRH) ’22, and Megan Jonassen, FCRH ’22, scored Fordham’s only seven points in the first quarter. 

Every one of Richmond’s starters put numbers on the board. Grace Townsend, UR ’24, and Budnik were the lead scorers in the first quarter, each scoring six points. 

Richmond’s offensive strength was too much for the Rams’ defense to keep up with. 

DeWolfe was scoreless in the second quarter, departing from her usual 14-points-per-game average. This continued throughout the game as DeWolfe finished with only nine points. 

But the Rams are known for their team efforts, and although DeWolfe wasn’t converting many shots in this game, Asiah Dingle, FCRH ’22, put up a total of 31 points. 

The Rams only scored an additional 12 points in the second quarter. Kendell Heremaia, Graduate School of Arts and Sciences (GSAS) ’23, broke a four-minute dry run with a three-pointer, 28-10. 

Richmond’s offensive abilities were flaunted by every player who was on the court. Siobhan Ryan, UR ’24, attempted a three-point shot but was unsuccessful. Ryan, unfazed by the number of Rams who were prepared to get the rebound, gathered her own rebound and went in for a layup. Ryan’s layup created a 20-point lead between the teams, 30-10 with five minutes left in the quarter. 

The Rams attempted to catch up to the Spiders but dealt with exhaustion as the Spiders played a fast-paced game. The Spiders showed no intention of slowing down as they continued to make back-to-back shots and seemingly taunted the Rams’ weak defense by going in for shots close to the net. 

Townsend pushed the Spiders’ lead further, shooting a three then a layup within 30 seconds to bring the score to 45-22.

The second quarter ended with Richmond at 40 and the Rams trailing behind by 21 points.

Downey kickstarted the third quarter with a three-pointer, which brought Fordham’s total up to 22 points. But Townsend pushed the Spiders’ lead further, shooting a three then a layup within 30 seconds to bring the score to 45-22. 

A foul by DeWolfe sent Townsend to the free-throw line, where she scored her fifth point within those same 30 seconds, 46-22. 

Six minutes remained in the quarter when the Rams finally picked up their momentum. Within three minutes, the Rams scored 11 points. Efforts from Heremaia and Dingle narrowed the lead with layups. 

In the remaining 60 seconds in the quarter, Dingle sent Kate Klimkiewicz, UR ’22, to the free-throw line, where she shot the Spiders’ 67th point. 

Dingle carried her team this quarter, as she put up 10 points.

Richmond’s defense was not great; the Rams missed shots on their own blunders. In the third quarter, the Rams only made nine out of their 23 attempted field goals. Dingle carried her team this quarter, as she put up 10 points.

Although the Spiders’ lead shooter only earned her team seven points, their 26-point lead was due to collective success. 

Fordham’s habit of starting slow failed them again. The fourth quarter was riddled with pressure from the Rams as they found their defensive momentum again. 

Dingle scored 15 points in just this quarter, with Downey right behind her at six points. Dingle almost single-handedly turned a 24-point game into a 10-point game. Fordham’s defense only permitted Richmond to add another 12 points to the scoreboard. 

If Fordham’s success solely depends on the trio of DeWolfe, Heremaia and Dingle, it will continue to set the Rams up for a disappointing end to an otherwise great season.