In Defense of Winter

In places with all four seasons, winter is the best



Winter is the best season. Anyone can see that frozen rivers and snow-capped mountains are beautiful scenery.


On the East Coast of the United States, winter is the best season. While the other seasons each have their charms, they also each have their own issues. Winter also has its faults, like all the shoveling that accompanies snow and the way the sun sets in the afternoon, but it still comes out on top in comparison. 

Objectively, spring is the worst season. First the clocks go forward an hour and everyone has to wake up earlier. Here in the Northeast, the melting snow and frequent rain mean that it’s usually muddy, preventing many of the outdoor activities you want to try. Winter sports have ended and it is too early for water sports, which only leaves activities such as hiking. But between the mud and leftover pockets of ice and snow, hiking is dangerous if one is not properly equipped, so it is best to wait until the summer or fall. Add in the high pollen count and you’ll soon realize that it’s best to just stay indoors and wait for a season that isn’t trying to kill you. 

The summers here are marginally better but not by much. There is that sweet spot right at the end of spring and at the beginning of summer where there’s very little pollen and the temperatures are just right, but that only lasts for about two weeks. After that, the heat and humidity get uncomfortable and it’s not enjoyable to be outside for long. However, you can try swimming, boating and other water activities that are only fun when it’s hot outside. 

Fall is the second-best season, and unlike spring and summer, I will entertain arguments about why it’s best, though I don’t agree.

The Northeast has many lakes and rivers that one can explore on top of great beaches. You should be aware, though, that natural water sources remain cold in comparison to other areas for much of the summer. The frigid waters do help cool you off, but after about 10 minutes you’ll begin to shiver. 

Just when you think you’ve found the perfect solution to the heat on those cool summer nights, all the bugs, especially mosquitos, come out to play. My biggest complaint, though, is that when you are too hot, there is not much you can do for relief. Sure, the icy Atlantic or a snow cone may work for a little while, but they don’t work forever, and it costs far too much to keep the AC cranked up for your house to stay at a comfortable temperature. 

Fall is the second-best season, and unlike spring and summer, I will entertain arguments about why it’s best, though I don’t agree. Since there’s less pollen and the temperatures have dropped, it is much more enjoyable to actually spend time outside, especially doing sports or other physical activity. It’s especially enjoyable to hike when the leaves start changing colors since the views are breathtaking. 

Another classic Northeastern activity is apple-picking and the accompanying hayrides and apple cider donuts. Football, hockey and soccer, the three best sports, all start up during this time, adding even more activities to your itinerary. Fall also has the best fashion of all of the seasons since it’s the perfect temperature to dress cute without having to worry about being too hot or needing to cover your fit with a jacket. 

That being said, the temperature will also change by at least 30 degrees some days, meaning for at least part of the day you’ll either be too hot or too cold. There’s also a lot of pollen during the fall, and when you’re going into flu season every sneeze is going to be seen as suspicious. Furthermore, once the leaves start changing colors it’s only a matter of time before they all fall down and you’re left with the clean-up. That or be stuck with a yard full of wet and usually rotting leaves. The start of various sports’ seasons also is great, but everyone knows the ending, which is in winter, is the best part of the season.

So, at the end of the day winter is the best season. The only real complaint about it is that it’s too cold, which is true. But unlike with the heat, there are ways to counter this. It isn’t hard to get outside if you participate in winter sports, like skiing, snowboarding, hockey and skating.

The best part of the sports season (if your team is good) also falls during this time of year: the playoffs, especially the Superbowl. Even if you don’t like football, the halftime show, commercials and parties are enough to keep anyone entertained. 

Here in the Northeast, where we actually experience all four seasons, winter’s unique charms make it the best.

Everyone gets a little break at the end of the year with various holidays, like Christmas, Hanukkah and New Year’s, so there is ample time to spend with family and friends. Holiday decorations have even been shown to improve mental health. And if your year really sucked, at least it’s over. 

The winter landscape also deserves a nod. Seeing snow-covered mountains and partly frozen rivers glean in the sunlight is a sight everyone must admit is beautiful. Other winter staples like snowball fights and drinking hot chocolate by the fire are sure to bring a smile to even the Scroogiest of people’s faces. 

Here in the Northeast, where we actually experience all four seasons, winter’s unique charms make it the best. The spring is best spent waiting inside for the summer, but when summer comes it is too hot. While fall is amazing, it doesn’t offer everything winter does. When it comes to the battle of the seasons, winter is the clear winner.