BREAKING: Fordham Announces COVID-19 Testing Requirement for Spring 2022

In addition to a booster vaccination, students and staff must provide a negative test to return to campus in January and after spring break



During the fall semester, McMahon 211 was used as a testing center for exposed or contact-traced students.


To go along with the vaccine booster requirement that was announced on Dec. 14, Fordham will also require a negative COVID-19 test for students, faculty and staff to return to campus from winter break. 

In an email on Dec. 21, 2021, Associate Vice President for Administration John Carroll announced that students, faculty and staff must submit confirmation of the COVID-19 booster shot and a negative PCR test by Jan. 23, 2022. The booster and test may be obtained either on- or off-campus. 

Emily Friedman, Fordham College at Lincoln Center ’24, believes that the additional testing and booster requirements are not as safe as the university shifting all operations online.

“I’m not entirely (sure) where I stand in regards to using this as a substitute for going online because reducing contact is the safer choice.” Emily Friedman, FCLC ’24

“I’m not entirely (sure) where I stand in regards to using this as a substitute for going online because reducing contact is the safer choice but also knowing Fordham they likely won’t reduce semester costs if we go online,” she said. 

Friedman noted that a required booster vaccination and negative test is an appropriate measure to mitigate a spike in COVID-19 cases, though she believed that scheduling the testing deadline for a week after classes resume is counterproductive because students could contact COVID-19 and infect others while waiting for their test result.

Tests must be performed no sooner than three days prior to one’s return to campus. Students and employees who live near campus or who will be driving to campus are encouraged to be tested off-campus between one and three days before arriving on campus. Students who will travel via airplane, bus or train are encouraged to be tested once they arrive in New York. 

This testing is a requirement for all vaccinated members of the community. Unvaccinated members must continue testing every seven days as is mandated.

Similar to the return from winter break, when students return from spring break in March, they will also be required to submit a negative COVID-19 test.

Testing is available on campus, but the university recommends students receive their test at an off-campus location, listing the NYC rapid testing sites, LabQ mobile testing and testing centers by ZIP code

Appointments to receive the vaccine booster through Fordham will be made available again for the spring semester beginning on Jan. 10. The university offers Pfizer and Moderna booster shots. Walk-ins will be available, and a schedule to sign up will be posted on the COVID-19 Testing and Vaccine Resources page in January.

Those who are not yet eligible for a booster shot based on Centers for Disease Control and Prevention criteria will have a specific deadline based on the date they are eligible to receive it. 

“Our community should be prepared to make adjustments as necessary.” John Carroll, associate vice president for administration

The university expects to resume full on-ground operations after the break, with classes beginning on Jan. 18, 2022, as scheduled. Should any changes occur due to rising coronavirus cases, the university said it will provide updated information before the semester begins. 

“Our community should be prepared to make adjustments as necessary,” Carroll wrote. 

If a student has tested positive within the last 90 days, they must upload those results to VitalCheck in January. If the positive result was sent to fulfill the post-Thanksgiving testing requirement, they must reupload the result.

“We will send an update on Spring Semester planning in the coming weeks as we continue to monitor the evolving conditions,” Carroll wrote.