The Quest For Stanley: Capitals Versus Rangers


Spring is a time for beginnings and ends in the world of professional sports. It marks the beginning of the Major League Baseball season and the end of the NBA season, but it also signals the start of the NHL playoffs and the quest for the Stanley Cup. The New York Rangers have once again found themselves on their quest for the elusive Stanley Cup, but first they have to beat the number-one seeded Washington Capitals. As of April 17, the Rangers are down two games to one in a best of seven series and they still stand a chance of upsetting the Capitals. We asked a Rangers fan and a Capitals fan about their thoughts on this season’s Stanley Cup Playoffs, as well as their predictions for their favorite teams.

Christina Markesinis
Rangers Fan
FCLC ’13

Observer: What do you think about the Rangers-Caps series so far?

Christina Markesinis: I think it is a very intense series. As always, the Rangers and Capitals put on an amazing show for the fans. Anytime Alex Ovechkin is playing, you know he will be marked, so that makes it more fun to watch.

Observer: Currently, the Rangers are down two games to one. Realistically, do you think they can pull off a comeback?

CM: Yes, I do believe the Rangers can pull off a comeback, and I’m not only saying that because I am a Rangers fan! Teams down 3-0 have pulled off comebacks and ended up advancing, so I have faith.

Observer: Who do you think is the key to the Rangers’ success this postseason?

CM: Henrik Lundqvist by far. Without him, the Rangers would be in a deep mess. Also, we can’t forget about Marc Staal and Dan Girardi; two of the greatest defense men the Rangers have. Some of their blocked shots during Sunday’s game added to the Rangers’ win.

Observer: If the Rangers win, what will be the reason?

CM: If the Rangers win, the reason would be heart and teamwork. If a team has those two qualities, they can accomplish anything and everything.

Observer:  Which two teams do you think will be in this year’s Stanley Cup Finals?

CM: It’s kind of tough to choose, since all the teams are great. I’ll go with Canucks and Rangers.

Observer: Who do you think will win the coveted Stanley Cup?

CM: I want the East to win, and if it’s not the Rangers, I want the Capitals to win. If they knock my team out, I want them to go all the way and make the Rangers being eliminated worth it.

Isobel Menard
Capitals Fan
FCLC ’13

Observer: The Rangers haven’t won the Stanley Cup since 1994. Do you think this is their year? If yes, why? If no, why not?

Izzy Menard: No, I don’t. It’s not impossible; anything can happen but I don’t think they have what it takes to win it over the other teams in the league.

Observer:  You’re a Capitals fan living in New York. Do you find you get a lot of heat from Rangers, Islanders or Devils fans?

IM: I do indeed. I have some good friends, both Islanders and Devils fans, and they don’t understand why I am a Capitals fan especially since I’m from New Jersey. The heart that the Capitals have as a team makes me root for them as opposed to the team from my home state.

Observer: Who do you think will be the key to the Capitals’ success this playoff season?

IM: I think it could be a number of players. Mike Green comes through amazingly in tight situations and has made some great goals this season, and Ovechkin’s ability is unquestionable.

Observer: Let’s say the Caps beat the Rangers. Do you think they can make it all the way to the Stanley Cup Finals? If so, do you think they can win?

 IM: I think so. They’re the number one team in the conference for a reason. They will make it to the finals on their defense, but I predict it will be their offense that will come through in the finals themselves.