Till You Collapse: Winter Workout Tips

Feeling tired from the long, cold, winter months? Here are some ways to get you moving.


For many students, consistently going to the gym seems likes an impossible task. But with some extra motivation you’ll want to go everyday . (Kyle Morrison/The Observer)

Like the great Alaskan bears of the northwest, many college students tend to “hibernate” during the winter. Unlike the long luxurious naps these great mammals indulge in, students often to feel a natural disinterest in getting involved with any sort of physical activities during the snowy months. A thick comforter of complacency surrounds them and other than paying the deliveryman for a bowl of calories, exerting themselves more than necessary seems like an enormous feat even the most ambitious shy from. So for all the apathetic elevator riders out there, here are some tips to get your heart rate up during the chilly season.

1. Change your playlist.

There must be a scientific study somewhere showing the relationship between the rap genre and improved workouts.  Get on iTunes and make a new list of top artists. Don’t be embarrassed by your love of Ludacris or Nicki Minaj. You don’t even have to pay attention to their insightfully intelligent lyrics. Just make sure there’s a loud bassline and you’ll be pumped to attempt a few push-ups.
Recommended: Eminem—“Till I Collapse”

2. Go to the gym.

There’s nothing like the community of sweaty gym-goers intent on shedding last night’s pizza binge to motivate you to step it up. Knowing that you’re not alone in your quest for physical perfection—that there are other souls out there who are just as out of shape as you are—makes the exhaustingly long trek to McMahon Hall all the more worth it.
Recommended: McMahon Hall Mega Fitness Center

3.Read a magazine.

Glossy magazines filled with beautiful and symmetrically-lean people will undoubtedly make you feel less than thrilled with your appearance.  Flip through a few of them, paying close attention to advertisements and celebrities, and then convince yourself that most humans do indeed have six-pack-abs and non-existent fat. Once depressed, go for a run.
Recommended: Men’s/Women’s Health

4.Take the stairs.

After you start panting by the second flight, you’ll realize that you are definitely not in the same shape as your glory high school track days. In fact, you probably wouldn’t be able to pass the mandatory gym class mile. Even if your theology class is on the ninth floor, calculate an extra, say, half hour into your commute for some quality stair-master time. Soon, you will feel like Rocky.
Recommended: To every class

5. Get new clothes.

Confidence is the key to workout motivation and if you know you look fly, you will be more willing to attempt some extra crunches. Zip up a new hoodie and throw on some Adidas running shorts. Even when your bike is on a resistance of zero, you’ll still feel like a super athlete in your sleek new ensemble. This ego encourager will inspire you to take it to the next level, like a workout longer than 17 minutes.
Recommended: Adidas

6. Get new friends.

It’s entirely possible that your sluggishly jaded view of physical exertion is because of your friends’ bad influence. They convince you to watch movies, talk incessantly and listen to indie music. Basically anything that requires limited muscle movement. So cut that unnecessary negativity from your life and find some new, totally toned friends to steer you towards a more focused and heart-healthy future.
Recommended: Vin Diesel, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson

7. Plan a trip.

Any impending vacation to someplace where you’ll be on the beach is a great way to induce high intensity cardio sessions.  Book a flight anywhere down south and soon you’ll realize that the cozy sweaters and bulky jackets of a New York winter won’t exactly blend with the balmy weather and palm trees of Miami.
Recommended: Anywhere below South Carolina

8. Watch a workout video.

Seeing a class full of moms jazzercising will assure you that not all fitness freaks are intimidating.  In fact, workouts are for the common man. So pick up the latest exercise DVD—maybe even splurge for something daring like a Pilates or Zumba lesson— and you won’t even have to leave your bedroom to get a solid calorie-burning workout.
Recommended: Power 90 Extreme

9. Eat a protein bar.

Sure, they taste like a Snickers bar without sugar, and they defile the good name of chocolate, but these bars of power will give you the illusion of improved strength and after eating one, you’ll feel an overwhelming urge to lift weights. But as a warning: their claim to get you ripped is a lie.
Recommended: Big 100

10. Go to the park.

From spandex-clad bikers to head-phoned runners and white-haired dog-walkers, being at a park, even on frigid days, will persuade you that muscle moving is not just for the athletically inclined. Check out a riveting sporting event like Frisbee or just people-watch on a bench. Pretty soon, you’ll want to run a lap or kick a soccer ball.
Recommended: Central Park