It’s Easy To Stay Warm When You Look This Hot

Get Your Hands on the Five Must-Have Items for the Upcoming Winter Season


Knit sweaters are warm, comfortable and stylish, a perfect option for the winter season. (Sara Azoulay/The Observer)

Published: October 21, 2010

It’s snowing and the wind is smacking you in the face. You’re five minutes late for class so you make a quick dash across the street. Passing by Starbucks, you catch your reflection in the store window and come to a stop. You can’t help but admire how fashionable you look in your camel- colored cape.

Sadly, as the winter season approaches, it becomes increasingly hard to look fashionable. Since the harsh weather beckons the need for
over-sized jackets, layers and layers of clothing and scarves wrapped so tight, it’s hard to function right. Bringing feelings of nostalgia for the warm days of summer, where it was easy to look your best in floppy hats, maxi dresses, sandals and shorts.

But who says that the winter season has to be least stylish of the seasons? Not us. So this winter season spark up your wardrobe with these five stylish must-haves.

1. Knit Sweaters

Knit Sweaters are a dominating force on the runways and the versatile must-have piece for the winter. Whether it’s chunky and oversized or small and fitted, knit sweaters will keep you warm, comfortable and looking stylish. It can be worn with anything from jeans and ankle boots or tights and a long feminine lace dress.

Steal: Boyfriend Knit Sweater, Forever 21
Price: $20
Splurge: Cotton Cable Boyfriend sweater, Victoria’s Secret
Price: $48
Suggested Color: Green

2. Aviator Jackets

Aviator Jackets are coming back with a bang. And while you may have seen people wearing them everywhere during the fall season, this casual and chic item is handy for all seasons. The fleece lining keeps you really warm and comfy while giving you the cool, vintage look of a 1940s pilot. The aviator jacket is another item that’s extremely versatile, but my favorite look is matching the jacket with some fitted jeans and tall, military-styled boots. Can you say official?

Steal: Sparkle and Fade faux leather aviator jacket
Price: $98
Splurge: Cropped Aviator Faux Fur Coat
Price: $160
Suggested Color: Olive, with white fleece lining

3. Boots

Make your tracks in the snow stand out this winter with some stylish footwear. This season is all about faux fur, and while some fur accessories are preferably extensive (and expensive), having a faux-fur trim around your boots is neither. Faux fur boots will add a classy, funky flair to your everyday march, while keeping you warm and, of course, stylish.

Steal: Faux Fur-Trim Long Boots,
Price: $58
Splurge: Nine West Priska, fur cuff boots
Price: $149
Suggested Color: Beige

4. Capes

Yes, we’ve seen red riding hood flaunt hers more times than we can count, but this winter season brings out a whole new side to capes. Capes can be traced back to the days of kings and queens, when it was a sign of wealth and class. In the present, capes, thanks to their versatility in movement and style, are a sign of taste and fashion.

Camel seems to be the color for the moment, so capes of the season are best worn in shades of brown. Shapes can come in a long bundle down the length of the body, or short and shapely just above the hips. Capes may look a bit odd when first worn, but pairing one with high heels of your choice and a nice pair of dark-washed jeans or a favorite dress, you’ll fix the look right up.

Steal: Old Navy Women’s Button-Front Cable-Knit Cape,
Price: $35
Splurge: Top Shop Military Cape Price:  $190 Suggested Color: Camel

5. Military- Anything

Channel your inner solider as your march in the snow in your army inspired clothing. From boots to jackets to hats, the military look is back for another season, dominating just about any accessory you can think of. So get to shopping for your own military-inspired item and make a bold impression this winter season.

Steal: Harper Military Shirt,
Price: $40
Splurge: Steve Madden “Perrin” Tall Lace-Up Military Boots 
Price: $199
Suggested Color: Black