Yankees Seek to Defend Title in MLB Playoffs


Published: October 7, 2010

With the arrival of October comes the greatest New York tradition, playoff baseball. Despite limping to the finish line, the Yankees were able to qualify for October baseball, where they’ll begin their quest towards their 28th title. But like any other year, media attention and the pressures of intense playoff series have fans questioning the team’s chances at delivering the title. We asked some students and faculty for some of their fall ball predictions.

Will the Yankees be able to defend their World Series title? The MLB playoffs start Oct. 6. (Ed Betz/Newsday/MCT)

Rashawn Weathers, FCLC ’11

Observer: So let’s start with the most important question. Do you think the Yankees can defend their title as World Series Champions?

Rashawn Weathers: Absolutely! They can win the series.

Observer: Lately the Yankees haven’t been playing well. Do you think they can bounce back?

RW: The team has a lot of veterans who have good track records in the playoffs, so they know how to handle the pressure. They have proved that they can get it done in the big moments.

Observer: What about some of the newer guys? Last year the new guys, A.J. Burnett, C.C. Sabathia and Mark Teixeira were all huge parts of winning the championship, but some of the newer players, such as Curtis Granderson and Javier Vasquez, have struggled in the pinstripes.

RW: Honestly, I am worried about those guys. If they couldn’t cut it earlier in the season, how are they going to cut it in the playoffs?

Observer: The Yankees have been in a back and forth pennant race with the Rays all year. Are you worried at all about them?

RW:  Not really. Their pitching is erratic, and they wasted a ton of money on some guys who are really underperforming.

Observer: Which team do you think presents the biggest challenge to the Yankees?

RW: Actually I really like the Cincinnati Reds. Dusty Baker is a good manager, who really shows some great baseball strategy.

Raymond Tam, FCLC ’11

Observer: Are you excited that the Yankees are in the playoffs?

Raymond Tam: No, not really. I’m actually a Mets fan.

Observer: Tough year for the Mets. But do you think the Yankees have a shot at winning the World Series this year?

RT: Probably not.

Observer: How come?

RT: They really don’t have the players that can save them when they’re in trouble. Last year Matsui was the World Series MVP and he had big playoff numbers. Without him, I think they’re in trouble.

Observer: So no World Series for the Yankees ?

RT: Not this year.

Ariel Cofresi, I.T. User Support Specialist

Observer: So, are you a Yankees fan?

Ariel Cofresi: Yeah, I’m a huge fan! I could talk about the team for hours.

Observer: Well then I think I know the answer to the next question. Do you think the Yankees are going to win the World Series?

AC: Of course!

Observer: They’ve been struggling lately. What makes you think they can repeat?

AC: They have been struggling, but A-Rod is playing really well, and even though he’s had a bad season, Jeter is still Mr. November, and he’ll be huge. The veterans on the team are used to the pressure and will play well.

Observer: What about the new guys? You think they can handle it?

AC: I like Grandy (Curtis Granderson). I think he’ll play well. But I am worried about Javy (Javier Vazquez). He’s a solid pitcher, but he’s just not clutch.

Observer: The pennant race with the Rays has been neck and neck all year. What do you think of that matchup?

AC: Of all the teams in the playoffs, the Yankees, and really every other team, should be scared of the Rays. You know how there’s five tool players? The Rays are a five tool team. They can hit, they can pitch and they can run. They really do everything well.