(Mark Randall/South Florida Sun-Sentinel/MCT)

Published: August 25, 2010

One animal says

I want to survive

Another one says

I must build a hive

One animal says

I just want to eat

And the other one says

I hope it’s not me

These animals say

I need to have sex

Those animals say

I have eggs to protect

A different animal says

I will go to school

And study these books

And worry about money

And find a career, a life

That gives me money

A wife, two daughters

Nice cars, brand new

An ocean cruise.

Then when I’m old

Before I am buried,

Beneath a good stone

Alone in cold dirt,

Will it hurt? Knock on wood

I want to have

A house on the beach

Where I’ll give a speech

When my grandson gets married

And wish him my luck


Another one says

What the fuck