Britney’s VMA Frenzy


Published: September 27, 2007

The 2007 VMAs was also known as the show airing Britney Spears return, but was her performance what we were expecting? The former pop queen appeared nervous and a bit lost on stage.  Performing her new single, “Gimme More,” her routine lacked energy and the hype her previous performances have displayed.  Millions of viewers tuned into the show in anticipation of Britney’s comeback.  It seems as if the majority of people are bashing Britney and her act. Yes, her opening was not very “Britney-like.”  She did not appear to be into the performance at all, and she looked half asleep, but what people don’t recognize is that this was just one performance. It should not be the basis of everything Britney does from here on out.

Even before the actual awards ceremony, artist Kanye West publicly announced what he thought of Britney opening up the show.  He told the Associated Press he could not believe she would perform and that it was incredible because she hasn’t had a hit record in years. The majority of the audience was not into her performance. For all the excitement it was given, the show turned out to be mediocre.

So do people have the right to publicly bash Britney just because she had one bad show?  We all know that she has not had it easy lately with her custody battle with former husband Kevin Federline, having to go to rehab and having the paparazzi constantly following her every move and pointing out anything negative they can find.  Britney was criticized for everything from her hairstyle to what she wore and, most of all, how much weight she gained.  After having two kids, cut the girl some slack; no one is perfect.

Blogs all over are buzzing with negative commentary on everything Britney did wrong, not only during the VMAs, but also in her personal life as well.  Many people don’t have anything nice to say about Spears; however, she does have her supporters.  One of these is popular YouTuber Chris Crocker, who made a very emotional video defending Spears and lashing out at all her critics.  She has some very loyal fans out there who still believe in her.  The question remaining to be answered is this: Can she get back on her feet and regain the support of her detractors?  Britney will always give people something to talk about, and all this talk is just making her more famous.

At one time, Britney was a reigning pop queen, who sold over 50 million records, which her critics seem to forget.  Her new single, “Gimme More” is a hit on the radio; it is the number one requested song on the popular radio show, Z-100’s “Interactive Nine at Nine Countdown.”  One thing is for sure: good or bad, Spears’ popularity is only increasing. People obviously like her song; it’s constantly being played online and on air.  Her performance at the VMAs might not have been all that great, but if she gets her act together, she has the chance to be as successful as she once was.