Letter To The Editor

Ebru Turan
Assistant Professor of History
Published: October 20, 2010

I write to express my disappointment with the way my comments were represented in Matt Surrusco’s latest article, “Fordham Faculty Comments On Renewed Israeli-Palestinian Peace Process.” After a 20-minute interview, during which I discussed the recent Israeli-Palestinian peace negotiations in an objective and non-partisan manner, addressing each party’s concerns and expectations, I see that Mr. Surrusco has chosen to quote me solely on the political climate in Israel and the settlements in the West Bank.

My comments regarding the Israeli concerns for security as well as the political complexities in the Palestinian community, such as the weakness of the current leadership, the division in the Palestinian polity, Hamas’s attempts to sabotage the peace negotiations and the general lack of Arab support for the talks, however, were simply left out. I would like to let you and your readers know that Mr. Surrusco’s partial treatment of my views is inaccurate and does not reflect my true meaning and intentions.


Ebru Turan, Assistant Professor of History