USG Announces Newest Members


Published: April 13, 2011

Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC)’s United Student Government (USG) announced its new members for the upcoming year on April 7 on their blog. Ryan O’Toole, FCLC ’12, was named the new president; Alexa Rodriguez, FCLC’13, as vice president of operations; Kim Kraft, FCLC  ’13, as vice president of student affairs; and Chris Chromey, FCLC ’12, as the treasurer for the upcoming year. Voting began for the elections on April 5 when students were sent an email to fill out ballots electronically. The votes were tallied and the decision was made within two days. With these new board members, FCLC can expect some changes for the new year. Brandi D’Esposito, FCLC ’11 and current USG president, is confident in their abilities.

“I think Ryan O’Toole is going to make a spectacular president. He was a great vice president and he’s already made a lot of leeway this year with financial aid. He’s basically been in charge of the entire financial overhaul that we’ve been working on.” O’Toole has been an active member of USG and had an extensive campaigning process, including his own Facebook page and blog.

“I felt that it was important to create the Facebook page and blog in order to publish in writing my platform and some of my positions so that the students could see very clearly what I stand for and what I will fight for as USG President.”

As for the rest of the members, D’Esposito said she is excited for them as well. “I’m sure they’ll be great. They’re extremely hard workers. They’re going to blow me away. They’ll do fantastic things.”

O’Toole has the same sentiments about his fellow new members. “I am proud of all candidates that ran for office, and I believe that we are assembling a great organization that will be able to accomplish truly beneficial and productive goals next year.”

Chromey, the elected treasurer has been working on improvements in the cafeteria this year. He has already made some significant progress and hopes to continue doing so next year.

The board is still expecting applicants for the senior senator positions and the secretary position. On the USG blog, it states the requirements for these positions, which will be elected in the fall.