Apple Adds New Gadget (and Revamped Favorites) to iPod Lineup

New Colors, Features and Fancy Touch-Screens


Published: September 27, 2007

Apple Incorporated may not lead in the number of computer sales, but when it comes to the music industry, they cannot be beat. Two of the key ingredients to Apple’s success are the iPod and iTunes, which are like peanut butter and chocolate, two great things that are even better together. According to a Sept. 5, 2007, Apple presentation in San Francisco, the company reports that iTunes is the third-highest music retailer in the United States. It is surpassed by Wal-mart (first) and Best Buy (second), but is still ahead of (fourth) and Target (fifth). This is even more impressive when you take into account that the iPod is the only music player that is compatible with iTunes. To try to empower this winning combination, Apple CEO Steve Jobs also unveiled some new changes for the hit music player at this event.

Apple’s new strategy seems to be trying to make people buy more than one iPod, and it’ll be hard for consumers to resist with so many varieties to choose from. For more information about Apple’s new lineup or to watch Steve Jobs’ keynote at the Apple event, head over to

The Shuffle

The iPod Shuffle has been criticized for its screenless design and minimal storage capacity. The latest Shuffle still does not have a screen and stores the same amount of songs as the original, but at least it got a new paint job. Gone are the bright neon pink, orange, blue and green hues; replaced with more subtle, mature colors like red, lavender, sea foam green and teal.

iPod Classic

More subtle upgrades have been made to the original iPod, now known as the iPod Classic. The capacity now goes all the way up to 160 gigabytes which is an immense amount of storage for a portable media device. To put this into perspective, 160 gigabytes can store about 40,000 songs or 200 hours of video. The case has been slightly redesigned, with an aluminum front available in silver or black.


Apple’s most popular iPod has been revamped and is now able to play video. This is the smallest video iPod yet, with a 2-inch screen that is only a half an inch smaller than the iPod Classic.  This may not seem like a big deal, but when a screen is that small, even a half an inch can make a big difference. While it may not be the best movie player, its small size means that the new Nano will be incredibly portable and versatile.

iPod Touch

Apple saved its biggest announcement for last, the iPod Touch. This gadget is what everyone has been waiting for since the iPhone was unveiled: a touch screen iPod that doesn’t have a two-year contract with AT&T and isn’t as pricey. The iPod Touch is unlike any other iPod released so far. Yes, it can do everything that the iPod Classic can but it can also go online with a built in Wi-fi access that allows the user to browse the Web and watch videos on Internet programs, such as Gmail, allow you to work on documents and spreadsheets online, which is like having a tiny laptop in your pocket. This could be a Godsend for commuters who no longer need to lug around a laptop all day.