Spencer Ludwig Sells Out Mercury Lounge



The Latin Grammy Award-winning performer played his first ticketed concert to a sold-out house.


Spencer Ludwig is no stranger to success. The vocalist-trumpeter from Los Angeles has graced stages across the world and performed at events such as Lollapalooza, ACL, Hangout Festival and Late Night with Seth Meyers. In 2018, he started his own record label, Trumpet Records, and earned more than 90 film and TV placements for his songs. This past year, the young artist received a Latin Grammy for co-writing and performing on Fonseca’s single “Por Pura Curiosidad.” On Feb. 13, Ludwig sold out Mercury Lounge for his first ticketed concert. 

Despite all his recent accolades, Ludwig remains focused on his music and passionate about live performance. With the stage presence of a pro, Ludwig took the room on a wild musical journey. His artistic evolution became clear as he switched from older dance singles to new, emotionally driven songs.

To kick off the night, Ludwig welcomed the audience with an infectious dance number. He played trumpet accompanied by the tuba, guitar and drums. The performer danced around the stage, clad in a black, fringed leather jacket while holding onto his treasured instrument. Throughout the night, he alternated between singing and playing melodies on the trumpet.

After playing a number of fun love songs, Ludwig took the opportunity to speak to the crowd from his heart about the inspirations and significance of his new music. Two of his newer songs, “Summertime” and “Falling Out,” featured his late father’s music as backing vocal effects. A teary-eyed Ludwig explained how he’d already written his songs before realizing his father’s music fit right with them.

Ludwig continued to share personal stories through new lyrics which were warmly embraced by the supportive room. Many times, audience members would cheer and exclaim their love as he played never-before-heard songs.

“I needed to make sure that if I were to die tomorrow that I had written a body of work that genuinely represents who I am as a person, an artist and a trumpet player,” Ludwig said when asked about his latest musical creations. He plans to release the songs in an album this year.

Of the writing process, he said, “My only objective was to tell real stories through songs that only I could sing because those experiences happened to me and only me. I wasn’t thinking about anything other than if the songs truly represent who I am.”

Echoing the sentiment that he expressed while onstage, Ludwig told The Observer, “The last few years I’ve kind of been hiding behind funky pop songs while also building up the courage and the skill sets to be able to write more personal songs, which is what this album is all about.”

Wrapping up the night with his previously released singles “Diggy” and “Just Wanna Dance,” Ludwig sent the crowd home in a euphoric dance party. He even invited attendees to his after-party — and after-after-party.

It was clear to anyone at Mercury Lounge that night that Spencer Ludwig is passionate about live performance. “Whenever I’m performing, I feel like I’m living my purpose,” he said. “I love to entertain and I love to transport people through the power of song and musical improvisation. I love the feeling of being connected to everyone in the room knowing that we are all sharing something special together.” 

Starting in March, Ludwig will return to The Freehold in Brooklyn every last Friday of the month to revive his “Le Trumpet” residency. Fans can expect to hear his newer music, impressive trumpeting skills and a fun-loving atmosphere. 

The young performer is just beginning this new journey with an optimistic, humble attitude. As Ludwig put it, “I hope to be able to perform and heal people all over the world through live music for as long as I can.”