USG Discusses Value Menu, Campus Identity


Published: February 2, 2011

A new cafeteria value menu implemented this semester was among the many topics discussed by Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s (FCLC) United Student Government (USG) during their first general meeting of the semester on Jan. 27.

Other topics discussed included the ongoing financial aid coverage following complaints during the fall semester, the introduction of barcodes and value meals in the Lowenstein Café, as well as campus identity—the chance for FCLC to groom a more collegiate presence.

Brandi D’Esposito, FCLC ’11 and president of USG, said, “This is going to be the semester of action. A lot of what we did last semester was necessary groundwork and now we are ready to move forward this semester.”

D’Esposito explained that some of the plans for the cafeteria from the fall have successfully been implemented for this semester, particularly the value meal menus that started this week, as well as a cleaner salad dressing station.

Christopher Chromey, FCLC ’12 and president pro tempore, discussed why USG decided to create value meals and said, “Students were sacrificing nutrition for value and paying more money for a more nutritional meal. We are essentially creating a more balanced plate for a cheaper price.”

Since this menu is only a week old, and not visible to all students, some FCLC students said they did not know about the recent installment of a value menu.

“I was not aware of the value meals, but I would definitely try the menu, especially the sandwich and soup combination because it seems like a very great deal,” Erika Fisher, FCLC ’14, said, “If there were more signs around, I think people would notice this more.”

Andrew Lew, FCLC ’13, said, “I didn’t see it and I didn’t know it existed, but now that I know, I would definitely eat it.”

“This cafeteria did not make [the value menu] clear and I hope they make a bigger sign for it,” Lew said.

However, some students have found the menu and eaten from it.

Jackie Mosteller, FCLC ’14, tried the spinach salad on the value meal menu, and said, “I thought it tasted good and it was a lot more affordable than the salad bar because it is not weighed.” She said, “I am a vegetarian so I am glad to see that they are giving more vegetarian options.”

Chromey said that USG will be having a food services meeting on Feb. 6, which will discuss ways to improve the visibility of the value meal menu in the cafeteria.

In addition to the new menus, USG is currently trying to create a barcoding system in the cafeteria.

Chromey said, “During the peak times when everyone is grabbing food in the cafeteria, there will be long lines with only four cashiers. Barcoding is an initiative to try to expedite the process.”

Another topic USG discussed is providing a campus identity for FCLC.

D’Esposito said, “We didn’t feel like Lincoln Center feels like a college and we wanted this campus to feel more a part of Fordham University.

“Adding this sense of campus identity is something we are really excited for,” she said, “By changing the atmosphere and the aesthetics, it will then also change the mindset for students which is the first step in helping us feel more like we are in a college.”

Chromey said that USG met with Peter Bundock, assistant vice president of facilities, to discuss ways to identify that our campus is indeed Fordham.

“The first and fastest change that FCLC will notice is that we are placing Fordham flags around campus—flagpoles and lamp posts to liven up the school.” Chromey said.

Oana Cerga, FCLC ’13, said, “Whenever I bring friends to visit the Lincoln Center campus, the first thing they see is the church and they think that is the main building of FCLC. I am glad this school is going to start feeling more like a college and less like a high school.”

Chromey concluded and said, “If any students have any concerns, let USG know because we always want to hear what students think.”

D’Esposito said, “Our USG meetings are open to all students at FCLC, and everyone is more than welcome to come to our general meetings every Thursday at 12:30 p.m. in LL504.”