Brointine’s Day: For the Love of All Things Bro


Despite the fact that Valentine’s Day is a meaningless holiday created by greeting card companies, students across campus will still rush to stores for overpriced chocolate and cheap stuffed animals in preparation for Feb. 14. Some will link up with their friends on Feb. 13 for Galentine’s Day. But now it’s Feb. 15. You’ve served your Valentine’s Day duties and it’s time to just kick back and relax — cue Brointine’s Day. 

Brointine’s Day isn’t an event exclusively for men. It’s an event for the bros, the homies, your slimes, day ones, twos and threes; the point is, Brointine’s Day is for everyone. The essence of Brointine’s Day is to take a day to just relax with your homies and celebrate the love you have for them. Here’s how to get the most out of your Brointine’s Day.

The first part of any good event is the music. Try to pick songs and albums that explore the beauty of the homie relationship instead of the mundane drag of romantic relationships. Essential tunes include “Best Friend” by Young Thug, “Best Friend” by Rex Orange County and “Best Friend” by Foster the People. Dancing is encouraged, but not required; however, Brointine’s Day is a judgment-free zone, as all friendships should be.

All that love in one room is going to make the squad hungry, so food is the next essential part of the perfect celebration. Yesterday you either had to cook dinner or spend money taking your partner out. Tonight the bros will order in. Between all of you, that Uber Eats delivery charge is gonna be almost nothing. 40 chicken nuggets from the McDonald’s on 57th Street are only $12 … just a thought.

Some of the first games of the new XFL, an NFL competitor league, season will be on Feb. 15, just in time for Brointine’s Day. If football isn’t your pick, then you can’t go wrong with a movie. If the group is looking for a laugh, watch “Superbad,” the goofy story of three friends just trying to get alcohol for a party so they can get girls. If you’re looking to cry, watch “The Boy in the Striped Pajamas.” While this movie is heartbreaking, there are few films that show a more beautiful and innocent friendship. And if you’re just looking for a good time, put on “Toy Story.” “Toy Story,” will show the group that there’s always room for more friends and you shouldn’t be too quick to judge someone new.

While Brointine’s Day is certainly a day for jokes and tomfoolery, the fact is that Valentine’s Day can be a difficult time for some. Take some time on Brointine’s Day to check in on your homies. Reflect with one another about what’s good in your life and, more importantly, what’s not. Don’t just tell your friends you’re there for them, actually show them by spending some quality time together this Brointine’s Day.