Chase Edmonds Revisited: Catching Up with Fordham’s NFL Star



Following his time at Fordham, Edmonds was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the 2018 NFL Draft.


It has been a while since NFL broadcasters have praised Fordham athletes on football’s highest stage. This changed on Sunday, Oct. 20, when running back Chase Edmonds, Fordham College at Rose Hill ’18, was drafted by the Arizona Cardinals in the fourth round of the 2018 NFL draft. He has since made great strides in bringing Fordham’s football program into the spotlight. 

During his time at Fordham, Edmonds earned player of the year multiple times and graduated as the Patriot League all-time leader in career and rushing touchdowns. On Sunday afternoon, Edmonds had one of his best performances in the NFL with 27 carries, 126 yards and three touchdowns. 

I reached out to Edmonds on Instagram to understand how his time at Fordham helped mold him into who he is today and how he plans to move forward.

In your post game interview, you stated all you wanted to do was play on Sundays. How did our football program help you to develop as a player and reach the professional level?

Fordham football helped develop me to have a professional career early because of the attention to details my coaches always required of me. We always treated every practice rep like a game rep. They instilled in me and our team that it was important to practice like a pro

Currently, you are the only player in the NFL from Fordham. Coming from a small school like Fordham, how was your journey to the NFL different from other players?

My journey was just different because I never had those experiences of playing in big time games and big time atmospheres. Also always kinda just having that background of never really being exposed to elite talent competition. The speed of the game is much faster.

Playing at MetLife Stadium this past weekend, did your return to New York remind you of your time at Fordham? Do you have any favorite memories you’d like to share?

My return definitely (reminded) me of my time at New York. Just to be able to come back to this great city and atmosphere in front of family and friends. Favorite memories from Fordham we’re just a spending the countless hours with lifelong friends that I still have today and forever will have.

During your four years at Fordham, the football program experienced a level of success seldom seen before or since. What would you say to current Fordham players to encourage them for the rest of the season?

I would tell current players there. Just work hard everyday. Don’t take any of the practices or games for granted. Because once it’s gone you will never be Able to get those moments back

You had a very successful high school and college football career. How did titles such as “rookie of the year” and “player of the year” motivate you? What would you like to accomplish as a professional?

Those titles heavily motivated me. I wanna he the best in everything I do. Not just football but life in general. It’s just how I was raised and brought up. As a professional I someday wanna establish myself as a pro bowl played consistently and continue to work

How do you feel playing alongside not only veterans like Larry Fitzgerald but also rookies like Kyler Murray? Where do you fit in?

It’s great to be in a locker room with future hall of famers like Larry and P2. Then young talent like K1. We all fit in amongst each other honestly. There’s a good team bond going on. The people I mostly are around though are by far Christian Kirk and Trent Sherfield.

In your post-season interview, you say that you just wanted to make a name for yourself. Considering your match up last week was against one of the best running backs in the league and you had almost double rushing yards and three times as many touchdowns, do you think you have accomplished this goal?

No not yet at all. It takes much more than a couple good games to establish yourself as a player in this league. I have a long ways to go. Can improve in many more ways and I’m challenging myself to produce all season long however many times my name is called to get the ball

On December 2nd, 2018 in the game against the packers, what was going through your head as you scored your first touchdown? Did it compare to finding out you were going to the Arizona Cardinals?

During that game man it was just a great felling because of the setting of the game. Lambeau field in December in the snow is something you just dream of growing up as a football player.

This is your second season in the NFL. How is playing now different than what it was two years ago? And what have you learned since being drafted?

More attention to details at the NFL level. Everyone is good so you really have to play every snap like it’s your last man. The speed of the game is very fast and you can’t hesitate on decision making. But at the end of the day. It’s still the same game I’ve been playing since 5. I just always try to calm my nerves and everything else will follow

What advice would you have to give to any Ram reading this article aspiring to make it big?

Biggest advice I can give is whatever your dream or aspirations. Don’t allow another man to tell you what you can and can’t do. Anything Is possible with hard work and dedication. You just have to apply it every single day. Not just the days where you feel like it

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