Cigarettes After Sex Will Make You ‘Cry’



Cigarettes After Sex release their newest LP, “Cry” and return to New York City to play a sold-out show at Brooklyn Steel.


Cigarettes After Sex is an American ambient pop band best known for their androgynous aesthetic and dreamy slow-beat songs inspired by romance and love. The critically acclaimed band has amassed more than 360 million Spotify streams, 50 million YouTube streams and has been featured on NPR’s Tiny Desk. They are best known for their viral hit “Nothing’s Going to Hurt You Baby,” which has about 70 million streams on Spotify alone. Fans of the band include notable celebrities such as Kylie Jenner, Lana Del Rey and Taylor Swift. 

Recently, the band showcased their sophomore LP “Cry” at their sold-out show at Brooklyn Steel on Oct. 25. The long-awaited nine-track LP was released at midnight that night, and two of its songs, “Heavenly” and “Falling In Love,” have already garnered about 11 million streams collectively on Spotify. The Texas band, founded by Greg Gonzalez (lead vocals), received praise for their self-titled debut album they released back in 2017.  During its release, the band went to Mallorca, an island in Spain, and began to create the music for “Cry.” After two years, Gonzalez finished producing the accompanying lyrics to go along with the music, and the LP came together earlier this year. 

Inspired by the films of Éric Rohmer, “Cry” explores the depths of  romance, sexuality and beauty. The LP is a film-like piece that tries to capture the feelings experienced during the subtly beautiful moments of a loving relationship. Cigarettes After Sex weaves together engaging scenes and characters, allowing the audience to connect with the tender intimacy found within the music.  

The lyrics emanate warmth and the sweetness of raw love. The slow and downbeat rhythm is carried by the distorted guitar effects and dreamy, limerent lyrics. The mechanics of the songs replicate the movement of tidal waves in that it has a rise, fall, push and pull. In relation to the concept of romance, the motion can be compared to the forces of attraction. The alluring musical arrangement behind the songs is minimalist and has the capability to convey the  complex human experience that is romance. 

To come back to their second home New York and perform a sold-out show at Brooklyn Steel makes the story of Cigarettes After Sex a full-circle tale. On the night of “Cry’s” release, the venue was packed with eager fans waiting to see the film and hear the band’s newest songs. 

When the set started, cinematic black and white visuals opened up the show and then Cigarettes After Sex took the stage, giving a lush performance of their newest and most popular music. Influenced by the French New Wave style, the projected visuals partnered with the ethereal music made the performance a cathartic experience. Overall, the show at Brooklyn Steel and the new LP “Cry” articulated an artistic and deeply personal take on romance, beauty and sexualtity. Listening to “Cry” might unleash your senses and make you want to cry.