How to “Makeup” a Costume



Joker is one of four great makeup looks you can try this halloween.

By VICKY CARMENATE, Contributing Writer

Halloween is the perfect time to experiment with your makeup looks. Need some guidance on what to do? Explore these four looks that range from The Joker to Maddy from “Euphoria.”


This Joker look is all about shapes. For a look that’s true to the movie, put on white face paint. To start, take a blue eyeshadow and draw a triangle above your eyebrow. Next, draw an upside down triangle coming from underneath your lash line. On one of your eyes, draw a tear-like line dripping from the end of the triangle. Keep the eyelid free of blue and add white for some contrast. Take a blue eyeliner and line your lash line as well as the blue triangles that you made around your eyes. Above the tip of the blue triangle coming off your eyebrow, draw in a small fake eyebrow with either red liquid lipstick or liquid eyeliner. For your nose, take the same product you used for the fake eyebrows and fill in a clown’s nose. For the lips, take a liquid lipstick and put it on as you would regularly. Then, without smiling, take a small brush and draw in two lines that would be the continuation of your smile. Again, create small triangles and connect the lines to your lips. Lastly, add gems as you wish.

Devil’s Tail

Still haven’t planned your costume? The best last minute costume is a devil. Throw on your favorite red outfit and pair it with this easy makeup. No need to worry about the perfect wing since the tail is curved anyway. Red liquid lipstick or liquid eyeliner are the easiest products to use for this look. Line your eye with a thin to medium sized line. Then, draw the tail of the devil coming off of your eye, as if you were to draw a winged eye. You canmake this long or short depending on the drama you desire. At the end of your curved line, draw a triangle and fill it in.

Spider Eye

For those who want to be festive all day during Halloween, this look can be used during the day or at night. Line your eyes with black eyeliner and complete the wing as if it’s your everyday winged eyeliner. Next, draw a straight line coming down off of the wing and draw a circle at the end of the line. Add eight legs and your spider is complete. You can add a spider on both sides or only one. Add some color on your bottom lash line to take this look from daytime to nighttime. Casual yet spooky.


Maddy from “Euphoria” had some beautiful makeup looks, and this look from the carnival scene is simple yet “euphoric” at the same time. For this look, take a deep purple eyeshadow or eyeliner and line your eyes with a thick wing. Put the first gem at the outer edge of your eye. Add the rest of the gems over the winged eyeliner that you laid down prior. Hit Spirit Halloween for the gems. You can’t go overboard with sparkle, so have fun with it.