New Student Orientation Extends Application Deadline


Published: May 5, 2010

The deadline for New Student Orientation (NSO) applications at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) was extended from March 13 to March 25 due to a decrease in the number of applicants for 2010 Orientation Leaders compared with previous years. The extended deadline increased the number of applicants and NSO has “hired more Orientation Leaders (OLs) than in years prior to 2009,” said Ireland Carter, Orientation Coordinator for 2010.Despite the number of initial applicants this year, orientation coordinators Jaimie Boyd, FCLC ’12, Ireland Carter, FCLC ’12, and Brandon Pietras, FCLC ’12, remain positive. “Although we did have less applicants than last year, we have surpassed our recruitment goals,” Carter said. “We are optimistic about this year’s applicant pool. This year’s staff is highly qualified and enthusiastic. They will provide a welcoming and exciting experience for our incoming freshmen.”

Some students elected to involve themselves in NSO from the beginning.

Hillary Fisk, FCLC ’12 and an Orientation Leader for 2010, said, “I am going to be an OL this summer. I really enjoyed orientation so I am looking forward to being able to welcome the class of 2014 to the campus this year. I wanted to be a part of something great, and I saw this as a perfect opportunity.”

Some students say they lack the time and energy to become an Orientation Leader and choose not to apply.

“The main reason why I didn’t apply was that I don’t feel as if I could sustain a high level of pep for three straight days, and that is what every freshman should get to experience as they go through orientation,” said Nancy Chen, FCLC ’12. “I still keenly remember my OLs now because they were so enthusiastic the entire time.” In addition, she said her summer internship would greatly cut into her free time. Nevertheless, she plans on being a commuter freshman mentor (CFM) while also helping out as one of the leaders for Father Vincent De Cola’s new Urban Plunges.

In an attempt to recruit orientation leaders for the upcoming year, the Orientation Coordinators “expanded on the advertising techniques employed by previous coordinators,” including poster campaigns, Facebook marketing, and word of mouth advertising. “We [also] reached out to former members of the NSO staff,” Carter said.

“Jaimie, Brandon and I are anticipating an amazing New Student Orientation for the class of 2014 and we are working extremely hard on making sure that we have the best students representing FCLC,” said Carter.

The New Student Orientation program at FCLC is committed to supporting incoming students and helping to assimilate them into the Lincoln Center community. Orientation Coordinators and Leaders are dedicated to helping students become accustomed not only to the life of a college student but in New York City as well.

“I know how difficult it can be to adjust to a new city and a new school,” Fisk said. “I hope as an OL that I can help others make that transfer by being an example to them and by helping them with advice and friendship.  I love Fordham and I want to make sure that the class of 2014 has the same opportunity to love Fordham.”