Men’s Water Polo Splits Family Weekend Doubleheader




The nationally ranked men’s water polo team split their doubleheader on Saturday, Sept. 28. Dominating for the majority of the match, Fordham lost 9-8 to George Washington (GW) in the final quarter after a series of brutal goals made by Andras Levai, GW ’21. With a defeat early in the day, the team rallied to beat Johns Hopkins 16-11 in a pride inducing game.

By halftime of the first match, Jake Miller-Tolt, Fordham College at Rose Hill (FCRH) ’20, had claimed three of the four goals, the last belonging to Oscar Nomura, FCRH ’20. With their heads held high, they continued into the second half with a 4-2 lead.

Fans were able to relax in the third quarter as Fordham extended their lead to 8-5. Miller-Tolt; Tristen Knoflick, FCRH ’20; Dimitris Koukias, FCRH ’22; and Jason Hiremath, FCRH ’23, all made goals to extend Fordham’s lead.

In the last quarter, all hope of a victory vanished as Levai dominated and made four goals to give George Washington a victory of 9-8. The Rams’ defense could not make their way out of the rut that Levai had dug for them, which ultimately led to their loss.

As a last attempt at victory, Nomura tried for one final goal with six seconds left, but it deflected away, with their hopes of victory.

Despite the loss, Fordham gained valuable experience, with Miller-Tolt and Nomura making five of the eight goals and three assists. Bailey O’Mara, FCRH ’22, finished the match with an astounding 15 saves, with seven coming in the first quarter.

After a couple of hours to recuperate and concentrate, the second match against Johns Hopkins gave the team another chance for success.

The first two quarters were closely contested, with a score tied at 7-7 early in the second half. With the weight of their previous loss on their shoulders, Fordham forged ahead, making four consecutive goals, two coming from Koukias.

Friends and family sat on the edge of their seats as the team entered the final quarter. Cheers echoed in the aquatic center, urging Fordham to stay ahead. Fordham refused to relinquish their lead and won the game by a score of 16-11.

Fordham is now 10-3 for the season, proving once again that they are worthy to be a top-20 team. They now head to California to compete in six matches, including the Gary Troyer Invitational.