Healthiest Places to Eat Around LC



Juice Generation, located near Columbus Circle, is a great place to pick up a healthy and filling smoothie.


If you’re returning to Fordham Lincoln Center (FLC) without a meal plan this fall, odds are you will have to start eating your meals in the Lincoln Square area for the next couple of months. Luckily, FLC is situated in one of the best areas in Manhattan for food. You could go out to a different eatery around Fordham every day and still not get to every place, but, as always, not all of the food around us is the healthiest. Don’t wait till Jan. 1 to start eating healthy; start now with these healthy restaurant suggestions.

Juice Generation

979 Eighth Ave.

Located between 57th and 58th Streets just off Columbus Circle is Juice Generation — the best of the three Columbus Circle area juiceries (Pressed Juicery and Juice Press). Juice Generation doesn’t overemphasize protein and sells awesome açaí bowls. If you just have a hankering for a smoothie, the Ram Cafe would be a more suitable option, since their smoothies are much less expensive. Nevertheless, if you have grown tired of Ram Cafe smoothies, Juice Generation’s Watermelon Dragon — a mix of cherries, dragon fruit, lime, strawberries and watermelon — would make the perfect fruity and flavorful afternoon snack.

The açaí bowls, however, are the main attraction, especially if you are looking for a quick lunch. To açaí bowl fanatics, these bowls might not be the best they have ever tried, but Juice Generation’s açaí bowls are some of the better options within walking distance of FLC. The All-Star Açaí Bowl is one of their best. If you like unique fruits like dragon fruit and starfruit, then you should definitely try this bowl. Juice Generation blends almond milk, bananas, dragon fruit and açaí to make the base, and they garnish the bowl with strawberries, starfruit, blueberries and granola. The mix of vibrant fruits will give you enough energy to power through your afternoon classes.

Dig Inn

100 W 67th St.

Located between Columbus and Amsterdam Avenues, Dig Inn is a farm-to-table, healthy option for lunch or dinner. Dig Inn sells “market bowls” that contain a base, two sides and a protein. They rotate their menu every season, but their bases and proteins typically remain constant from season to season. Dig Inn offers rice or dressed greens as a base, and their proteins include chicken breast, blackened chicken thigh, seasonal fish and tofu.

Dig Inn’s sides are the most variable items of their menu. The sides are split into hot and cold categories; an appetizing side the summer menu included was the Marinated Persian Cucumbers. These cucumbers are almost than their pickled counterparts. Made with black Urfa chili, sumac, garlic, shallot and apple cider vinaigrette, Dig Inn’s cucumbers are an excellent seasonal addition that you must add to your market bowl. You can also add fresh avocado to your bowl, and they’ll season it with salt, pepper and extra virgin olive oil right in front of you.

An interesting protein you can get at Dig Inn is their tofu. They currently prepare it with roasted onion, pickled pepper relish and pesto. After you’ve picked your base, protein and two sides you can choose one of their delicious sauces. A couple honorable mentions are the rosemary vinaigrette and the pesto. If you’re looking for some locally sourced goodness, Dig Inn is your place.

The healthy options around FLC are not limited to this small list. What’s more, you don’t even have to go to a healthy restaurant to find healthy options. Plant-based, unprocessed meals are everywhere, so take the school year as an opportunity to eat your way through the Lincoln Square area.