Letter to the Editor: It is All About The Hand


Travis, I agree — we Venezuelans need to decide our fates. However, we need support. It is just too easy and convenient to call for us to figure this terrible hand we were dealt on our own, when you were dealt an amazing hand just by virtue of coming from the country with the single largest economy in the world. You see, at this point, things have gotten a bit out of hand for us. But never mind us, mind neighbor countries where things have already started to get out of hand because of this situation in Venezuela, or even the region at large, were this situation to continue. And no, this has nothing to do with the sanctions imposed on Maduro’s illegitimate government and its officials by the U.S. because this happened way before the U.S. even set an eye at my country. Things have been getting out of hand there for more than 20 years now. So, yes, we need to decide our fates, but when a country as beautiful and noble as the U.S. steps up and offers a helping hand, I, and most of my fellow Venezuelans, more than welcome it.”

— Frank Briceno