Speed Date With Fordham Clubs

Your Guide to Club Day


Imagine this: you attend Club Day, eager to get involved on campus. You’ve heard of some clubs here and there, but you want to consider all of your options before you commit to one. You enter the Outdoor Plaza (or the Indoor Plaza if it rains) and you’re greeted by chaos. Like, Black Friday at Walmart chaos.

E-board members from every club offered at Fordham Lincoln Center are seated at tables, like a circle of vultures with school spirit. They coax you with colorful posters, smiling faces and — most alluring of all — free stuff. Between the food, t-shirts and stickers, how can you possibly decide which lucky club will receive the honor of having your email on their sign-up list?

Have no fear — your guide to Club Day is here. Below you will find every club at Fordham Lincoln Center, summarized in 10 words or less.


  • Campus Activities Board (CAB) – Not a taxi service
  • Commuting Students Association – Not a resident? Not a problem!
  • Residence Hall Association – Fun things to do without leaving your dorm
  • United Student Government – Improving student life, one event at a time


  • Consulting Club – Career Services, but make it a club
  • Girl Boss: Undergraduate Women in Business – Females are strong as hell
  • International Studies Club – Engaging with the world
  • Investment Banking Club – Gabelli, but not Gabelli
  • Investment Group – Here to help you not become broke
  • Math Club – A math course for fun
  • Philosophy Club – A philosophy course for fun
  • Science Club – A science course for fun
  • Pre-Law Society – School of Law for undergraduates
  • Tech @ LC Club – Bridging STEM & liberal arts


  • A Cappella Club — F#s – Make music with your mouth
  • Chamber Singers – Mouth music with music not from your mouth
  • Filmmaking Club – Join to become the next Steven Spielberg 
  • Songwriting Club – Join to become the next Bob Dylan
  • Splinter Group – “High School Musical,” but college
  • Stove’s (comedy club) – If you’re funny you’re probably already in Stove’s


  • Mock Trial Team – If you put Pre-Law and Theatre Majors in a courtroom
  • Model United Nations – Diplomacy, diversity, and lots of debate


  • Asian-Pacific American Coalition (APAC) – Field trips to Jollibee 
  • Black Student Alliance – Celebrating melanin everyday and everywhere
  • Caribbean Students Club – More fulfilling than any cruise you’ll ever go on
  • CIAO (Cultural Italian American Organization) – Closer than Arthur Avenue or Little Italy
  • Desi — C.H.A.I. (Culture Honored Among Individuals) – A deep dive into South Asian culture
  • Hellenic Society – Fordham DOES have Greek life
  • Jewish Students Organization (JSO) – not the Jesuit Student Organization 
  • Korean Students Association (KSA) – More than just K-pop and kimchi
  • Lighthouse Christian Fellowship – Find new friends in Christ
  • Muslim Student Association – Conversations, spiritual growth and understanding
  • Students for Justice in Palestine – A win for free speech


  • 6062 Collective – An online focus on fashion
  • The Comma – It’s not news? It’s not fashion? It’s in here
  • The Observer – Spoiler alert, you’re reading it right now


  • Active Minds – Opening the conversation on mental health
  • Coalition for a Cure – On-campus cancer awareness
  • Deaf Education & American Sign Language (DEASL) – Making the world more accessible, one sign at a time
  • Fashion for Philanthropy – Serve the community, but make it fashion
  • Feminist Alliance – Empowerment and equality
  • Global Outreach (GO!) – Community, simple living, social justice and spirituality
  • Operation Smile – Bringing twofold smiles to children with cleft palates
  • Rainbow Alliance – Whoever you love, you are welcome
  • UNICEF – For the children and for the community


  • Anime Appreciation Society – Bringing Japanese culture to the West
  • BeWell LC – Hub for health and wellness
  • Environmental Club – more than metal straws
  • Gamer’s Guild – With us, it’s always a good game
  • Humanitarian Student Union – Passionate about social justice and human rights
  • Pop Culture Conspiracy Club – Enough said 


  • Tae Kwon Do Club – Fordham DOES have sports
  • Yoga & Mindfulness – Put your mind at ease