New Class, New Dean, New Fordham

The start of the fall semester marks a new era for the Lincoln Center campus



Students from the Class of 2023 who participated in Urban Plunge had an early start learning about all New York City has to offer, as well as the mission of Fordham University.


On Aug. 25, 2019, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) welcomed the Class of 2023 for move-in day, officially marking their start at Fordham University.

To first-year college students, acclimating to a new school often feels like paving the road and driving the car at the same time. “Honestly, I’m not too nervous about anything, more just overwhelmed with the whole process of moving in and getting my bearings once I’m on campus,” said Xavier Morales, Gabelli School of Business at Lincoln Center ’23.

Plenty of online lifestyle articles, high school counselors and nostalgic relatives can offer advice about adjusting to a new life on a college campus, but only a few know what it’s like to be new to FCLC.  

Someone who does know is FCLC’s new Dean, Dr. Laura Auricchio. After only a handful of weeks working on FCLC’s campus, Aurrichio is also trying to get her bearings, and admits to getting lost on campus more than once — but she is very grateful to all the friendly Fordham faces who have helped point her in the right direction.  

“I’ve experienced this warm embrace of me, of who I am, and people are excited that I am here, and it’s just wonderful,” Auricchio said. “I want to welcome all of the incoming students and their parents in the same way that I have been.” 

As the Class of 2023 adjusts to the transition of becoming college students, they will also shape how Fordham Lincoln Center adjusts to the aspirations of its new leadership.

Auricchio, a third-generation New Yorker, believes that she can help realize Fordham Lincoln Center’s goal to strengthen its connections to Manhattan. “I really want to be sure that we are living up to the motto, [New York is my campus. Fordham is my school,]” said Auricchio. “I love that, and I want to be absolutely certain that we are living up to that.” 

To Auricchio, that means connecting students to more cultural and arts events in the city, as well as pushing them outside the bounds of our two-block campus. By immersing themselves in the spirit of New York, Dean Auricchio hopes students will live and breathe the city as passionately as she does. And by all indications, the Class of 2023 is ready to do so.

“Between Fordham’s wonderful location, both the proximity to Lincoln Center and New York with all its energy, I knew Fordham was the right choice,” Cooper Wilson, FCLC ’23.  

Gabriel Garcia, FCLC ’23, also chose to attend Fordham because of its location and is looking forward to meeting like-minded people who are drawn to Fordham’s unique campus. 

Auricchio emphasises that she is accessible, approachable and interested, and wants students to know that she is “here to serve.” 

Her advice to incoming students: take academic risks. Always passionate about art and history but unsure of a career path in college, Auricchio remembers how it was not until her junior year that she took her first art history class and discovered her love for the subject.

Much like the students she is welcoming, Auricchio believes that right now, her job is to “listen, learn, take notes and communicate.” And she asks that the students on campus, both old and new, do the same as they push themselves to new heights this year. “We are in school to grow,” said Auricchio. “The whole point of college is to open yourself up.”

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