Harry Potter Couture

Spellbinding spring looks to transfigure your closet

By GILLIAN RUSSO, Arts and Culture Editor

The winter cold spell has ended. Deep freezes have transfigured into spring breezes. It’s time to trade in your hot butterbeers for frozen ones, study your psychology or spell-casting on the Outdoor Plaza — and break out your warm-weather wardrobe to do it. Representing one’s house is a year-round pursuit for the passionate Potter fan, yet even the non-Potterhead can find fashion inspiration in the Hogwarts houses. These modern takes on the houses’ styles reflect characteristics — creativity, sophistication, adventurousness, joy — that anyone could express in the way they dress.

Ravenclaws are wise, and they know there’s no spell to replace sun protection. The solution? A sky-blue sunhat, which also serves as a modern substitute for the classic wizard hat. Various shades of Ravenclaw blue tie this smart outfit together from head to toe.
The adventurous spirit of Gryffindors translates into a willingness to make bold fashion choices, like layering dresses. The asymmetrical buttoning of the denim dress is eye-catching in itself, and the polka dot dress adds a bold splash of Gryffindor red — the contemporary equivalent of a wizard robe. Pairing the outfit with sneakers and socks (with the house’s emblem on them, of course) makes it casual enough for everyday use and keeps the wearer comfortable as they explore the city or the castle.
Hufflepuffs can shine as bright as the summer sun by wearing pops of their signature yellow on a shirt, hat and bag. The boho style of this outfit points to the fun and carefree nature of the house’s members. Plus, there’s no better homage to Hufflepuffs’ penchant for Herbology than sporting some plants, like cacti, right on their sleeve.
Ever sharply dressed and put together, the Slytherin student takes on the warm weather in something sophisticated and stylish, like a sleek jumpsuit. The versatile piece can be paired with a blazer and heels when its wearer attends an internship or a networking gala. Otherwise, a shawl and statement snakeskin flats maintain a distinctive yet casual look for when the Slytherin takes a break from chasing their ambitions to simply relax and enjoy the season.