Senior Visual Arts Thesis Exhibition Spotlight: Fiona Ng, Bina Vivien Santos and Casey McGarry


Fiona Ng’s Work (Alex Palomino/The Observer)

Casey McGarry: Me and Paul  

Screening on April 20 SL24L

McGarry’s documentary examines the relationship between his father, Paul, and Paul’s best friend Danny; the documentary mixes achive and newly shot footage to tell the story of the musicains from their time in a Los Angeles garage rock in the ’60s and ’70s to present day as Danny and a fellow musician continue to create music through their struggles with serious illness.

Selection from McGarry’s Artist Statement 

“Told through the eyes and voices of a few sentimental yet charming baby boomers, the extensive reaches of rock ‘n’ roll lend a unique view into the musical experience of a generation.”


Digital Macrocosm: Fiona Ng

April 11-April 23 Center Gallery

Ng’s graphic creations digitally illustrate concepts of cyberspace. Depicting quotes from Marshall McLuhan and William Gibson in her artwork, Ng conceptualizes “nonspace” and explores perceptions beyond the physical world.

Selection from Ng’s Artist Statement 

“What would cyberspace look like if it were an image? Since we live in a three-dimensional world, what colors and forms could demonstrate our ideas of this abstract, dimensionless environment?”


Bina Vivien Santos: (not) ordinary  

April 11-April 23 Center Gallery

Constructing a familiar environment out of cardboard, Santos’s unique creations blur the lines between “ordinary and fantastical.” Her work explores the perceived functionality of everyday objects by changing their traditional purposes and representations. For example, a clock in her exhibition takes on the role of a compass, with the directional dial in place of the clock’s face. 

Selection from Santos’s Artist Statement 

“I aim to transform seemingly average objects, situations and/or spaces into something extraordinary through small details of color, added or subtracted elements and altered perspective.”