City Slickers Pick City Slices



Wherever you are in Manhattan, you’re never too far from a quality pizza pie.

Ethan Coughlin: Artichoke Pizza
114 10th Ave.
111 MacDougal St.

I do not go to NYU, but as a college student I find myself in the Village quite often. No trip to Washington Square Park is complete without a slice from Artichoke Pizza on MacDougal Street. Though there are two locations closer to campus, located at 114 10th Ave. and 321 East 14th Street, the MacDougal location is the one I go back to time and again.

Lit with a bright neon sign and just steps away from the famous Comedy Cellar, Artichoke is packed at any hour and stays open until well past midnight.

Though I almost exclusively eat pepperoni pizza, when at Artichoke, I have to get the titular artichoke slice. No piece of pizza in the city is quite as unique.

The slices are unbelievably thick, rich and creamy, and I guarantee you won’t need more than one (if even that much). Unfortunately, all that goodness comes with the hefty price tag of $6 a slice.

That being said, few things match the pleasure of sitting in Washington Square Park on a sunny day, enjoying street performers with a fresh slice of artichoke pizza from down the street.


Gillian Russo: Simo Pizza
90 Gansevoort St.

Yes, there are slice shops galore within walking distance, but I will gladly take a 15-minute subway ride any day for Simo.

It’s located across the street from the Whitney Museum and, as far as I’m concerned, you can never go wrong with an afternoon of art and pizza. Paying the $2 delivery fee and enjoying a pie in your dorm is an equally viable option, but be advised: your toppings will come in a separate box. Dining out is half the experience anyway; beyond the sleek and minimalistic decor, it has everything you’d want in an eatery.

Efficiency? Check: the fast-casual place certainly lives up to the label, boasting an order-prep time of 90 seconds. Student-friendly prices? Check: pizzas cost between $9 and $12, and that’s for a whole 10-inch personal pie. Delicious food? Check: Simo’s doughy Neapolitan pizzas always taste fresh. The menu offers 10 specialty pies with topping combinations like prosciutto, arugula and parmesan; mozzarella, anchovy and olive; and classic margherita.

There are also gluten-free, vegetarian and vegan options — for a small menu, Simo truly caters to all. I’m getting hungry just thinking about it. When does the next 1 train leave?


Patricia Angeles: Pizza Beach
1426 3rd Ave.
167 Orchard St.

Looking for a unique pizza spot to chill with friends that’s both Instagramable and tasty? Head over to Pizza Beach.

“Pizza. Beach. Sleep. Repeat.” Their motto rings true — you will want to repeat. This not-so-average New York pizza joint transports you to the California coast with mouth-watering wood-fired pizzas and beach-inspired cocktails. The restaurant is decked out with beach bar decor that gives off laid-back SoCal vibes. It is a quirky place in Manhattan that caters to all, offering healthy vegetarian and gluten-free options. Luckily, there are locations on the Upper East Side and the Lower East Side. So stop by, relax and enjoy the beach.


Macarena Leon: Justino’s Pizza
881 10th Ave.

From dollar slices to artisan pies, pizza can be found anywhere in New York. But none can beat the charming allure of Justino’s Pizzeria and, at just a stone’s throw away from Fordham, it’s the perfect place for a late-night bite.

Justino’s is incredibly small with barely enough room for three to stand comfortably. But, with slices such as vodka sauce and chicken parmigiana priced at $3.75 and $4.50 respectively, the shuffle will be more than worth it. And let’s not forget the most important thing: size, something Justino’s gets right every time with their colossal slices. They are opening a sit-down restaurant, too, if you want to savor the slice in-store.

So whether you’re in the mood for delectable pizza or friendly service, Justino’s is the place for you.


Jordan Meltzer: NY Fresh Pizza
787 9th Ave.

You might call it “the place at 53rd Street.” You might know it as “Dollar Pizza.” You may have even stumbled into it with your friends unexpectedly at midnight.

Whether or not you know its name, you love NY Fresh Pizza.

With a location just within walking distance of campus, it’s close enough that it’s still Fordham stomping grounds but far enough that the trip fulfills your exercise regimen for the day — er, week.

The atmosphere is unmistakably familiar, a second home to Lincoln Center students. With its funky smell, unpleasant paint job and unbelievably cramped space, it might as well be McMahon Hall.

There is one clear distinction between the halls of Fordham and NY Fresh, though: low prices. No pizzeria can beat its 99-cent slice. Sure, every 2 Bros location and countless other spaces in the city can match it, but no one can beat it.

I admit that it might only be acceptable ‘za — maybe even mediocre — but it’s the best darn slice in the vicinity (read: “cheapest”), and its 12-to-12 hours are accommodating of your late-night antics. You know who you are.

It has always been there for you. Be there for it. Make the seven-block hike and support NY Fresh.