The Ideal Schedule: One Student’s Dream is Another Student’s Nightmare


Up at dawn or sleep until noon? Early birds and nightowls have very different opinions on the ideal schedule is. (Illustration by Bina Santos/The Observer)

Published: April 1, 2010

With registration around the corner, students are busy planning their schedules for next semester. And finding the perfect schedule is like finding a date… not easy. There are ones that will never work in a million years, there are the back-ups when the dream plan fails and you need a rebound and there are ones that look promising but ultimately turn out to be a complete disaster. And then, there is the schedule that just works.

The perfect class lineup not only challenges you to grow academically and satisfies your interests, but it also takes into account your many other obligations. As students know, it’s not always possible to find the perfect schedule on the first try. It can take a few bad semesters to finally get it right.

Like their taste in dates, students at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) have different ideas of what the perfect schedule should consist of. While finding the right schedule takes planning, research and perseverance, students agree that the ideal schedule is worth the trouble.

Some students find that a schedule consisting of afternoon classes allows them to pursue other interests outside of school and fit in crucial study time.

“My ideal schedule is basically the one I have now,” said Jennifer Calogero, FCLC ’12. “I’m in class Monday through Thursday and have all afternoon classes. It’s really great because I have my mornings free to work and intern.”

“I like having afternoon classes because they allow me to do other things during the morning [hours],” said Jenny Hirsch, FCLC ’10. “I’m a commuter with younger siblings, and sometimes I’m responsible for taking them to school or doctors’ appointments. I also find that studying in the morning before a test refreshes my memory. With early classes, I wouldn’t be able to do that.”

For some, just waking up early has become an issue, as demanding obligations keep students awake later.

“I used to do 8:30 a.m. classes but stopped,” said Joseph Pellicone, FCLC ’12. “Now even 10 a.m. seems hard. Perhaps next semester I’ll start classes even later than that. I stay out late and seem to be more awake at night, so I’d prefer a later start.”

“I have to have my classes later in the day,” said Heather Houlton, FCLC ’11. “My friends who have 8:30 a.m. classes seem miserable and always complain about it. I don’t think I could even get out of bed that early.”

However, what doesn’t quite work for some students seems ideal to others.

“I actually prefer having some early classes,” said Amie Shen, FCLC ’12. “A schedule consisting of early classes allows me to have my afternoons free to do homework and go to work.”

“My ideal schedule is to have all early classes so I could join clubs that meet in the afternoon,” said Farhana Kharodia, FCLC ’12.

“My longest day is on Monday. However, I only have a class at 10 a.m. on Tuesdays and Fridays which is surprisingly nice because I’m free after 11:15 a.m.” said Christopher Chromey, FCLC ’12. “I like it because I  have the rest of the day to get work done.”

Other students have not been as lucky with finding their ideal schedule, hoping to get a better one next semester.

“I’m in school five days a week,” said Tanya Plutova, FCLC ’12. “Maybe next semester I will have a schedule with more flexibility. I would rather be in school three days [a week] because there are certain days when the time I spend commuting to class is much longer then the time I spend in class.”

“This semester, it’s hard to make my classes work with everything else,” said Kharodia. “I usually have no time left to do anything besides school. I have so much work for my classes that I have no time for clubs or other activities.”

And even with those who are satisfied with their schedule, there are minor changes that would make the schedule a better fit.

“Overall [my schedule is] pretty good,” said Chromey. “Ideally though, I would like to have Wednesdays or Fridays off. Having Fridays off would especially be great because it means a three day weekend every week!”

“I think I have the best possible schedule for me right now,” said Calogero. “I just can’t wait until I finish my core classes.”

In the end, it appears that one schedule does not fit all students at FCLC. So, the next time your friend questions your decision to take 8:30 a.m. classes four days a week, remember how much you hated her last boyfriend and agree to disagree.