Treat Your Wallet with Downtown Dining Discounts



Blue Stripes offers coffee and chocolate treats at a 10 percent to students.


Living in one of the most expensive cities in the world can be difficult, even downright torturous, especially for a college student. Expenses hit you left and right: your MetroCard needs refilling, you want to see the new movie everyone’s raving about, you’re from a warm area and have to purchase winter clothes. And you must contend with the most tempting drainage of your money: food and drink.It’s impossible to live in New York City and not sample its world-renowned food scene. As a college student, it’s even harder to avoid the appeal of cozying up in a coffee shop and studying with a change of scenery and an artisanal beverage. However, food expenses and frequent cups of coffee add up. What most Fordham students don’t know, however, is that quite a few Village-area establishments offer lower prices and more student discounts. These places are only a short walk or subway ride from campus, and would be a boon to any student operating on a shoestring budget.

Hu Kitchen

Hu Kitchen is a buffet-like restaurant with a number of healthy and delicious options. Their mission is to promote quality food and make it easily accessible with a buffet style selection of sides and main dishes, as well as a coffee and smoothie bar. They cook with fresh vegetables and vary the selections on a seasonal basis. They also have pre-made and packaged foods and snacks to take on the go. When checking out, show your Fordham student ID and get 10 percent off your order. Not only are you saving money, but you also get a healthy, quick alternative to fast food.

Blue Stripes Cacao

If you like chocolate anything, this is the place for you. This French-inspired cafe is run and owned by chocolatier Max Brenner. Not only is the cafe well-liked for its signature hot chocolates, but you can show your Fordham student ID at checkout for a 10 percent discount. Strawberries dipped in chocolate, cannolis stuffed with Nutella, chocolate mousse whipped to perfection — if you want chocolate in it, on it, with it, Blue Stripes Cacao delivers. If you don’t dream of chocolate everything, you can order their avocado toast, croissant egg sandwich or some tapas without chocolate. However, the establishment’s best seller is its hot chocolate. I opt for the dark chocolate hot chocolate when ordering, but you can also order milk chocolate or Nutella if you’re in the mood for something sweeter — or not lactose intolerant like myself. In addition to great drinks and chocolate foods, the ambience inside Blue Stripes Cacao is an added bonus. The seating is comfortable and the cafe even has a few bookshelves in the back in case you fancy reading a book with your beverage. And, while you’re there, you might be lucky enough to see Max Brenner himself.

The Bean

As a student in New York City, you’re bound to spend one of your afternoons or evenings studying in a coffee shop; however, the constant expenses — especially for us coffee snobs out there who refuse to drink the charred coffee-water Starbucks serves — amount to more than you realize. The Bean has several locations in Manhattan’s East Village, its most popular being on 12th Street and Broadway across from The Strand bookstore.  Show your Fordham student ID at checkout for a 10 percent discount.