LC Eats: Burrito Box

Opening the menu on one of Fordham’s most popular off-campus dining locations



Burrito Box may be limited in terms of square footage, but it’s colorful and friendly atmosphere is loved by Fordham students.


Fordham students typically look for these three characteristics when ordering food off-campus: high-quality, reasonable prices and close in proximity. When hunger strikes, some students simply want a hearty taco or burrito with guacamole that is cost effective. Luckily for students at the Lincoln Center campus, Burrito Box is located only three short blocks away.

Burrito Box is a go-to stop for many students who are craving Mexican food between or after classes. Though space inside the restaurant is limited, the brightly colored “box” provides a welcoming atmosphere for students to drop in and grab delicious fresh food.

Matthew Skibiel, Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC) ’22, and Michael Migliaro, FCLC ’22, both delight in meals from Burrito Box.

“I like Burrito Box because of its convenience and there is a lot of hype about it,” Migliaro said.

Skibiel said he likes going to the Burrito Box because it is close by and one burrito lasts him two meals. Skibiel prefers this restaurant over other Mexican take-out places in the city.

“I like it because it is different food and the same people are usually working there and are always nice,” he continued. “And you get free chips and salsa with every meal.”

Though Freshens at Ram Cafe offers some Mexican options, there is a limited selection and no chips or guacamole to be found. Additionally, there are little to no options available for vegans and vegetarians. Luckily, places like Burrito Box provide both vegans and vegetarians with many tasty choices that will not leave them feeling hungry.

The Community Dining Hall very rarely serves Mexican food, and when they do, many students consider it either overly seasoned or bland. It is hard to find any authentic ethnic foods on campus, whether it’s Asian, Mexican or even Italian. When dishes of any of these kinds are served in the dining hall, students are almost always disappointed. Dumplings are absent, traditional quesadillas and tacos are rarely found and the spaghetti sauce tastes like it comes from a can. In other words, if you are in the mood for something fresh and unique, you are better off elsewhere.

Chains like Chipotle can satisfy our cravings, but they do not have the same welcoming and lively appeal that local restaurants like Burrito Box provide and they are not quite as authentic. The small restaurant is decorated with bright red and blue walls and a variety of Spanish paintings of abstract faces, places and still-lifes.

Burrito Box features a wide variety of items on their menu from tostada salads to burritos, with many vegan-friendly toppings like tofu and even vegan cheese and sour cream. Black bean soup and vegetarian chili are served at the restaurant as well, ensuring that there is something for everyone.

If you’re looking for an order to start with, Skibiel’s go-to meal from Burrito Box is the vegan chili burrito. “I’ve never gotten anything else and I’ll never change my order,” he said.