Harry Potter Couture

A guide to the perfect Potterhead’s winter wardrobe

The wizarding world at Christmastime has always looked like, well, a magical place: starting snowball fights and hearing carolers in Hogsmeade, enjoying a Christmas feast beneath snow in the Great Hall or cozying up in front of the fire in a hand-knit Molly Weasley jumper. With the recent release of the second “Fantastic Beasts” movie, the Harry Potter spirit is in the air. What might Hogwarts students — or Fordham students looking to show off their house pride — wear this winter?


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  • The bold and courageous Gryffindors would be the first to play with striking fashions and unorthodox combinations. This variation on the tried-and-true sweater-and-jeans pairing shows the Gryffindor’s willingness to take risks, and the tie and wide sleeves evoke the school robes from the books and movies. Combat boots top off the look and show that its wearer is always ready for an adventure of epic proportions (ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • A Gryffindor would employ statement pieces in their house colors, like these bright red track pants and gold top, as a more sporty look perfect for the street or the Quidditch pitch. The leather jacket and combat boots would keep them warm in the winter and show off their daring nature, too (ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • The wise and creative Ravenclaws know there’s a right way to mix patterns, and they would theorize to figure out exactly how to pull it off. Horizontal and vertical stripes work together in this outfit through a common color of Ravenclaw blue. The button-down shirt doubles as a cardigan for warmth, and together with the boots, it gives the outfit a chic and artsy yet studious vibe.(ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • This alternate take on the schoolgirl look emphasizes the intelligence of Ravenclaws. It is stylish enough for everyday outings, yet cozy enough for long nights in the library. The vintage shirt and the modern, on-trend skater skirt reflect Ravenclaws’ creativity and knowledge of both the past and present. The fuzzy blue socks and the shirt, with their display of the house colors and a Hogwarts-like crest, keep the wearer warm even while wearing a skirt(ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • The kind and loyal Hufflepuffs would choose outfits both fun and practical. The bright yellow turtleneck sweater keeps them warm while showing house pride and bringing a little sunshine to a dreary winter day. With the addition of white jeans and Converse sneakers, the simple outfit gives a fun and casual vibe but is also put-together and practical, reflecting Hufflepuff as the house which welcomes all students’ forms of self-expression (ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • A Hufflepuff in need of a fancier outfit might turn to something like this still spunky and fun “Clueless”-esque skirt and upscale-looking matching scarf and knee socks, trench coat and small heels. The outfit keeps the season in mind without sacrificing character, which shows the spirited and fun nature of Hufflepuffs(ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • The cunning and ambitious Slytherins know that to achieve success, you always have to look the part. The addition of a houndstooth blazer over a simple green top and fishnets under green pants gives the outfit the versatility to be worn anywhere from a professional setting to a party. The snakeskin boots top off the outfit as an homage to their house’s symbol(ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

  • At an internship or an interview, a blazer paired with a green-and-black printed skirt show off the Slytherins’ house colors and their determination to succeed. Tall black boots and patterned leather gloves add a youthful and bold feel to an otherwise traditional office outfit and emphasize a Slytherin’s confidence(ZOEY LIU/THE OBSERVER).

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