FCLC Students Weigh In: Cafeteria Dining at RH vs. LC


Published: December 10, 2009

When you mention food at Fordham College at Lincoln Center (FCLC), students tend to get loud. Opinions, ideas, suggestions, complaints, it is clear that many students are passionate about what they eat. While some love the cafeteria and its workers, others highlight a number of negative features of the current set up. So how are things done up in the Bronx? You would think that Manhattan would be the more envied campus food-wise, but it seems that some FCLC students find their dining situation less than desirable.

The Rose Hill campus contains a large cafeteria, The Marketplace, that is buffet style. Swipe your Fordham ID and get unlimited food options that include pasta, salads, pizza, sandwiches, cereal, soup, ice cream and more. Other eateries on campus that are pay-as-you-go (residents use their declining balance (DCB) on cards) include the Millennium Grille, Dagger John’s Restaurant, Jazzman’s, The Annex Restaurant and the Student Deli.  For the 2009-2010 academic year, it is  $5,375 for the Platinum food plan (unlimited access during the hours of operation at the Marketplace, 12 Guest Meal Passes, plus $200 in DCB per semester) and $4,640 for other meal plan options. (Gold, Silver, Bronze, etc).

Here at Lincoln Center, all the food is pay-as-you-go. The cafeteria includes a hot entrée, salad bar, baked goods section and various snacks and drinks. Other food options include Freshens for smoothies and sandwiches and Jazzman’s for coffee. Freshman residents are required to put $1,600 for food on their ID cards for their first year.

Rose Hill’s Got it Right:

•“Rose Hill has a bigger variety of food with a better set up. With the buffet style, you get more for your money.” Umair Khan, FCLC ’12.

•“I would rather [Rose Hill’s] system here because the pay once, eat as much as you can thing works.” Randy Narine, FCLC ’12.

•“I like the Rose Hill system because you can get as much food as you want and store it in Tupperware and be set for the week.” Tara Aquino, FCLC ’12.

•I prefer the unlimited food option because when I go to a cafeteria, I am going for a full meal. If I want a granola bar I go to the grocery store. At a cafeteria, I am going to get a main entrée, drink and dessert. It is so much easier. It’s a pain when you check out individual items. I would rather go and eat whatever I want.” Colleen Thornhill, FCLC ’12.

•“I like the Rose Hill cafeteria more. Here, if you get some hot food that is bad, you are stuck with it. At Rose Hill, you can always go back and get another type of food in unlimited quantities.”  Aileen Almonte, FCLC ’12.

•“I like the Rose Hill cafeteria because you get tons of food and lots of choices. They have so much more variety. Here at LC, paying per item is a lot more expensive because you end up spending more than you want.” Ojala Naeem, FCLC ’12.

•“I feel like the entire concept of pay-as-you-go is profiteering by the university and destroys the college norm of being able to choose from a large variety of options in portions that vary based on personal need. The excuse that there are more options in the city is not valid at all because Lincoln Center is supposed to be its own campus and should not assume that students are supplementing their nutrition elsewhere.” Jack Paddison, FCLC ’13.


LC’s System Works:

•“I like the pay-as-you-go because I usually just get coffee from the cafeteria. I lived at Rose Hill last year and I felt like I spent so much money on food that I didn’t even eat.” Kathryn Freund, FCLC ’12.

•“ I like the pay-as-you-go because for someone who doesn’t eat as much as others, it’s a cheaper alternative. If I am going to go to the caf, I would need to get a burger, drink and dessert for it to be worth the money. I think that system works well for athletes.” Hillary Fisk, FCLC ’12.

•“Our cafeteria’s small size makes it a convenient place to grab food between classes. But at the same time, students wind up eating junk food more often than the healthier entrees because the variety of entrees is so limited” Marc Valentin, FCLC ’11.

•“As a commuter, I don’t mind the cafeteria here because I often just grab a quick bite to eat, like a bagel.” Frank Frasca, FCLC ’12.

•“I would rather pay-as-you-go because I don’t eat at the cafeteria that often. The caf doesn’t have that wide of a selection, so it’s not even worth it.” Stephen Williams, FCLC ’12.