The Fordham Bookstore: The Ultimate Shopping Destination Gifts Made Easy: The Bookstore Has Everyone on Your List Covered


No time to shop? No Problem! PJ Williams’s, FCLC ’10, family, Phil, Laura and Sally, are decked out in Fordham gear this holiday season. (Photo Illustration by PJ Williams/The Observer)

Published: December 10, 2009

You are totally swamped with studying for exams and completing final projects and papers.  So how in the world does anyone expect you to get your Christmas shopping done?  If studying has got you cooped up in the library, your one-stop store for all your Christmas shopping needs is right down the hall! Ladies and gentlemen, here’s how to get all your Christmas shopping done at Fordham College at Lincoln Center’s (FCLC) own bookstore!



If your sister is between the age of 11-17, chances are she is obsessed with Twilight.  Lucky for you, Fordham’s bookstore totally ripped off the logo that is used on all those overpriced Twilight T-shirts (and replaced the word “Twilight” with “Fordham,” obviously).  So instead of wasting time choosing between “Team Edward” and “Team Jacob,” give your sister the gift of “Team Fordham” this holiday season.  At a price of just $19.98, you can’t afford not to.



Fordham’s bookstore has some great sweatshirt options for Mom this year.  Whether she’s off to the supermarket, taking a jog or just running errands, this super comfy Fordham sweatshirt is sure to be a conversation starter with other moms whose children go to less desirable universities.  Give Mom bragging rights this Christmas with this bold-print Fordham Sweatshirt. Prices range from $39.98-$49.98.



Since Dad is working so hard to send you to Fordham, why not deck his office out in Fordham office supplies?  Fordham’s mouse pad, letter opener and business card holder are sure to impress any potential clients that enter his office. And with these three gifts totaling only $85, the price is much less than that fancy new phone or Blu-Ray DVD player he put on his list!



The beautiful, glass fluted shot glass is just the thing your brother needs to be the star at any party.  This shot glass puts those corny souvenir shooters that have “Aruba” or “Jamaica” (or some other lame, tropical destination) written on them to shame.  And since this gorgeous piece of glass will only set you back $5.98, why not throw in some super manly Fordham flip flops?  Perfect for any brother who has a constant shortage of socks!


Significant Other

Whether your other half is a Fordham student or not, give them the gift of comfort this holiday season.Your lover is sure to look really cute in a pair of maroon Fordham sweatpants!  Pick up a pack of gum or some tic-tacs at the bookstore’s counter to keep both of your mouths tasting fresh.


Younger Siblings

For any Fordham student searching for a gift for that younger sibling that was a total surprise to Mom and Dad, Dexter the Bear is a great cuddly companion to give them! He’s super soft, and may very well be the cutest thing in the entire bookstore.  Looking for a gift for someone’s bundle of joy?  The bookstore has a great selection of baby clothes and accessories, from bibs to baby booties!



Need the perfect gift for Grandma and Grandpa? Doubtful that the bookstore will supply you with a gift that will please both of them this Christmas?  Behold Fordham’s “Boston Rocker.”  Yes, that’s right.  This holiday season you can give your grandparents a beautiful, hand-crafted maple wood rocking chair that has Fordham’s logo on it!  You can even have this item shipped right to their home.